Huawei’s Ascend P1 lands in Australia

Chinese manufacturer Huawei this morning confirmed that it had started selling its high-end Android smartphone, the Ascend P1, in Australia, with the model being on sale outright through retailer Dick Smith for $499.

Broadway Apple store: Opening video

Want to see hundreds of iFanbois lining up to buy things they could already buy elsewhere? Want to see dozens of Apple retail staff in blue t-shirts revving themselves up to sell them those iThings? Then you'll want to watch the video above of Apple's new Broadway, Sydney store opening last Saturday. iExciting.

HTC One S to hit Telstra, Optus, Virgin

Taiwanese consumer electronics giant HTC yesterday afternoon revealed that the middle smartphone in its flagship One series, the One S, would shortly launch through Australian mobile carriers Telstra, Optus and Optus brand Virgin Mobile.

ABC unlocks 3G iview iPhone app, Android coming

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has modified its highly popular iview streaming video iPad app so that it will function on Apple iPhones, as well as unlocking the streaming ability for the app on 3G networks and revealing that it also has a separate version in the works for Google's rival Android platform.

Sydney’s Bubble Gum studio raises $2.5m more

Sydney-based children's entertainment company Bubble Gum Interactive has raised another $2.5 million to help fund the expansion of its Little Space Heroes online game, adding to an initial $1 million raised in mid-2011.

Google Nexus tablet hits Oz in July: Gizmodo

Gizmodo Australia this afternoon reported that Google will launch its own 7" Android tablet, dubbed the Nexus 7 and running version 5.0 of Android (Jelly Bean) in Australia this July, with prices ranging from US$199 to US$249.

Angry consumers flood IT price hike inquiry

Dozens of frustrated Australians describing themselves as concerned private citizens have flooded the Government's IT price hike inquiry with hundreds of examples where they allege technology retailers and vendors have been ripping them off with unfair markups, while the major vendors concerned have yet to formally respond.

4G: Judge finds Apple flouted Australian law

A Federal Court judge has found that iconic technology giant Apple's US headquarters deliberately chose to ignore the fact that its new iPad was not capable of 4G mobile broadband speeds in Australia, during a marketing campaign for the device.

Attention Telstra: Shut up and take my money

Hey everyone, just a quick update on my plans to dump my iPhone 4 for a HTC One XL today.

It’s official: R18+ game legislation passes

After a hard-fought campaign lasting several years, Australia's video game industry and community has achieved a major victory with the passing last night of landmark legislation which will introduce a new R18+ classification for video games in Australia.

Sayonara Steve: Today I ditch the iPhone

This afternoon I will march down to Telstra's store in Sydney's central business district and replace my much-loved Apple iPhone 4 with a HTC One XL. I'm leaving the cosy embrace of the Apple mobile empire and entering into a new relationship with Android. And here's why.

Toshiba Android tablet trio hits Australia

Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Toshiba has launched three new tablets in Australia, all running the latest version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) of Google's Android platform and in sizes ranging from 7.7" to a large 13.3".

Praise the Sun

In the critically acclaimed video game Dark Souls, there is a mysterious character known as Solaire of Astora who has developed something of a global cult following which may give us some insight into this human existence.

Optus to release Galaxy Tab 2 10.1?

According to Ausdroid, which usually has the inside scoop on these things, Optus is shortly planning to launch version 2 of Samsung's Galaxy Tab tablet (the 10.1" model).

Kogan to tax shoppers for using IE7

Australian consumer electronics upstart Kogan Technologies has deployed a special "tax" on its popular website which will charge online shoppers an extra 6.8 percent on top of their purchases if they persist in using what the company described as Microsoft's "antique" Internet Explorer web browser.

Apple harmonises Aussie MacBook pricing

Iconic technology giant Apple appears to have broadly harmonised the Australian prices of its MacBook laptop line with its US pricing, with its new line-up of products released overnight to cost broadly the same locally as they do in its home country.

Apple agrees $2.25m iPad 4G fine

From the Department of Technology-related Parking Fines comes the news that Apple has agreed to pay $2.25 million in penalties to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for falsely marketing its new iPad tablet as being capable of 4G mobile broadband speeds in Australia.

iPad too tough to support, says Dell Australia

Fighting words this morning from Joe Kremer, the managing director of Dell Australia, who has had a bit of a spray against Apple's flagship iPad tablet, alleging that it's not fit for use in large organisations and that the battle to conquer the tablet market isn't over yet.

No Telstra 4G version for Galaxy S III

Korean electronics giant Samsung this morning confirmed its highly anticipated Galaxy S III handset would launch today through all of Australia's major mobile carriers, but without a version supporting Telstra's next-generation 4G mobile network, which is the fastest and least congested mobile network in Australia.

Diablo III latency: Blizzard faces angry Aussie horde

Video game giant Blizzard is currently facing a tsunami of complaints from Australian gamers frustrated that the company's lack of Australian servers is making its new Diablo III unplayable for locals.

Telstra confirms HTC One XL launch

The nation's largest telco Telstra has confirmed through a YouTube video posted this morning that it plans to launch HTC's 4G-capable One XL Android handset on its Next G network, with the smartphone likely to be one of the nation's top 4G-capable models for some time.

Telstra launches first 4G Windows phone

As expected, Telstra today launched its first smartphone running Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system that is capable of 4G speeds, with the model being a 4G version of HTC's Titan phone.

IT price hike inquiry kicks off: Submissions wanted

The Federal Parliament's inquiry into local price markups on technology goods and services has gotten under way, with the committee overseeing the initiative issuing its terms of reference and calling for submissions from the general public on the issue.

Galaxy S III listed for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone

Telstra, Optus and Vodafone are all listed on Samsung Australia's support site as launch partners for the company's upcoming Galaxy S III smartphone, it was revealed last week, including a potential 4G version for Telstra's rapidly expanding LTE network.

Will Telstra skip Nokia’s Lumia 900?

Australian Windows Phone blog WPDownUnder has stated that it is its "firm opinion" that Telstra will not sell Nokia's flagship Lumia 900 handset slated to launch in Australia tonight, with the handset reported to be an exclusive to the nation's number two telco Optus.

New BlackBerry OS 7.1 hits Australia

Troubled Canadian device manufacturer Research in Motion has made the new version of its operating system available to Australian customers, with the new platform being approved already for Government use and telcos Optus and Vodafone making it available to customers.

ASUS Transformer Pad tablet hits Australia

Taiwanese consumer electronics giant ASUS has started selling its Transformer Pad TF300T Android tablet in Australia, with the device to hit retailers this week starting at $499 for the basic model, and $599 with a docking station attached.

Blizzard honours GAME’s Diablo III pre-orders

Pre-ordered hit Diablo III from dying Australian video game retailer GAME? Frustrated that you won’t be able to play this year’s biggest game when it launches at 5PM today, as GAME has been blocked from selling Diablo III? Worry no more. Blizzard’s got your back.

HTC One XL on sale: Compatible with Telstra 4G

Independent mobile retailer Mobicity has started selling a version of HTC's flagship HTC One XL smartphone which will fully function on Telstra's 4G mobile network, ahead of an expected launch by the telco of the device in the next month or so.

Optus a “disgusting” company, says AFL chief

AFL chief Andrew Demetriou has reportedly blown his stack over Optus' appeal in the ongoing legal drama over the telco's TV Now Internet TV recording system, labelling the company "a disgusting organisation" which was undermining the rights of sports companies.

GAME Australia goes into administration

The Australian division of embattled video game retail chain GAME Group has gone into administration, video game media outlet Kotaku reported this morning.

Has Telstra delayed HTC One XL launch?

Australian specialist Android media outlet Ausdroid has reported that Telstra may have delayed its rumoured launch of a 4G version of HTC's new One smartphone series, further pushing back the date when Australian mobile phone enthusiasts will have access to a top-level smartphone supporting the telco's new 4G network.

Optus takes TV Now case to High Court

The nation's second-largest telco Optus today said it would appeal its Federal Court loss over its TV Now cloud-based personal video recording software to the High Court.

Nokia previews Lumia 900, 610 in Australia

Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia has invited Australian journalists to a Sydney briefing previewing its new Lumia 900 and 610 smartphones, in one of the first indications that the Lumia 900, regarded as one of the top Windows Phone 7 smartphones globally, will eventually be sold through carriers in Australia.

An Aussie IPTV revolution we can believe in

The founder of DVD and streaming online video service Quickflix has made a stirring speech to a local investment conference, arguing that Australia is at the beginning of "an IPTV revolution" that will see the nation's entertainment choices reach equal par with those available in the US through popular platforms such as Netflix.

Telstra to launch first 4G Windows phone

Telstra will shortly launch its first smartphone based on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system that will support 4G mobile speeds, according to a product catalogue seen by local Windows Phone enthusiast site WPDownUnder, with the model to be a HTC Titan II 4G.

New Kindles hit Australia a week early

Amazon has announced that its new Kindle Touch e-reader devices would start shipping to customers in over 175 countries and territories worldwide (including Australia) seven days earlier than the previously announced shipping date of April 27.

Vodafone launches Sony smartphone Xperia S

Sony’s new flagship smartphone – the Xperia S – is set to make its Australian debut at Vodafone stores and online for $0 upfront on a range of Vodafone’s 24-month plans.

Telstra to launch Galaxy Note next week

The Samsung Galaxy Note will be available at Telstra stores and online from Tuesday, April 24, the telco revealed yesterday.

Telstra to launch MOG music streaming service

Australian telecommunications company Telstra and subscription music service company MOG yesterday announced a partnership to provide Australians with unlimited, on-demand access to an estimated 15 million music tracks that can be streamed to their mobile, tablet, computer or net-connected TV.

Made in Australia: Windows Phone 7 apps plugged

Developed Down Under (DDU) is a new, free, Aussie-made mobile phone app for the Windows Phone 7 platform that officially went live about a week ago.

Dick Smith in new offer after game sale fiasco

Electronics retailer Dick Smith has kicked off a new sale on video games and accessories, to mollify customers miffed by a poorly handled sale last week which saw thousands of customers lining up in front of stores for deals, only to walk away empty-handed.

ACCC approves FOXTEL and Austar merger

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced it will not oppose the proposed acquisition of AUSTAR by FOXTEL, greenlighting the multi-billion dollar merger of the two pay TV giants and paving the way for Australia's digital TV sphere to be re-shaped.

Spotify: Saviour of the music industry?

It says an awful lot about the music industry that the key IT companies have dominated legal sales mechanisms in providing affordable digital systems and a decent market share. Spotify will continue to be an interesting experiment in an industry that is still not relaxed and comfortable about the new century.

Internode manager proposes in video game session

An online game of Team Fortress 2 in late February became the unusual setting for Internode web site manager Taryn Hicks to propose to her long-time boyfriend Derek Adams.

Husic asks Conroy for IT pricing inquiry

Federal Labor backbencher Ed Husic has revealed that he is planning to write to Communications Minister Stephen Conroy requesting that an inquiry be held into the practice of technology vendors unfairly hiking prices for the Australian market.

Vodafone confirms HTC One X launch

Mobile carrier Vodafone has announced the pre-order availability of the HTC One X Android smartphone in Australia, opening up a pre-registration page for the phone on its website.

Kindle Touch 3G goes on sale to Australians

Online retailer has announced that the Kindle Touch 3G is available for pre-order online to customers in over 175 countries and territories, including Australia. The Kindle Touch 3G will be shipped to customers from April 27.

In court: Apple offers refunds to iPad buyers

Iconic technology giant has reportedly offered to refund any Australian customers who bought its new iPad tablet under the misapprehension that 4G network speeds were available in Australia, in a preliminary hearing in Melbourne this morning, after the national competition regulator filed a lawsuit over what it called 'misleading' advertising in the area.

Watching Media Watch’s iPad coverage

In its criticism of the media coverage of the launch of Apple's new iPad in Australia this week, the ABC's normally stellar Media Watch program went too far, alleging journalistic impropriety where there was none, and unfairly targeting media outlets for legitimately covering an important news story which the public was interested in.

ACCC sues Apple over “misleading” 4G iPad claim

Australia's competition regulator will tomorrow (Wednesday) take iconic technology giant Apple to court for advertising its new iPad tablet as featuring "4G" speeds -- which are not supported on Australian telecommunications networks.

Sony Xperia S hits Australia early April

Sony’s new Android smartphone, the Xperia S is set to launch early April in Australia through all major mobile carriers, the company announced yesterday.

Telstra launches Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

The nation's largest telco will tomorrow start selling a 4G version of one of 2011's most popular smartphones, Samsung's flagship Galaxy S II.

Australian tests: New iPad’s 3G faster than iPad 2

Despite the lack of 4G support in Australia, Apple's new iPad offers substantially faster network speeds locally than previous models, according to tests conducted this week by Gizmodo.

Vodafone launches Android clearance sale

Vodafone has launched an online only clearance sale for select smartphones, primarily offering recent generations of Android models in the deals, but also models with different operating systems from the likes of Nokia and Research in Motion.

Telstra launches 4G Wi-Fi hotspot

The nation's largest telco Telstra has launched 4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi device, allowing Australians in 4G coverage areas to enjoy high-speed mobile Internet on their Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Optus, Virgin open pre-orders for HTC One X

Optus has announced the availability of online pre-orders for the HTC One X Android smartphone. Booking started on March 20th for delivery in Metropolitan areas on April 2nd, and Regional areas on April 4th. Optus subsidiary Virgin Mobile has also announced the imminent arrival of HTC’s flagship model in Australia, posting “check back early April for updates” on its website.

Sydney Apple iPad queue is huge

If you're curious to know what the launch overnight and this morning of Apple's new iPad, check out these two videos posted by Gizmodo of the event.

Telstra hosts midnight iPad launch tonight

The nation's largest telco Telstra has revealed plans to open its flagship downtown retail stores in Sydney and Melbourne at midnight tonight (Thursday night) to start selling Apple's new iPad tablet, eight hours ahead of planned retail launches by Optus, Vodafone and Apple itself.

Samsung Galaxy Note launches in Australia

Samsung launched its Galaxy Note Android handset in Australia on Tuesday. The device, which the company claims is a product category of its own, is described as having the benefits of a tablet while maintaining the functionality of a smartphone.

Startup pays local to line up for iPad

Australian startup Airtasker has used its fledgling jobs board service to advertise for someone to line up outside the Sydney Apple store to buy the new iPad when it is launched this Friday in Australia.

In-flight Internet: Qantas’ failure to launch

Qantas, Australia’s biggest airline, has announced a new trial run of in-flight Internet connectivity on its superjumbo A380 for passengers on intercontinental flights between Australia and the United States. But it's not the airline's first attempt to bring in-flight connectivity to its passengers; in fact, Qantas has repeatedly struggled with the issue over the past decade.

Foxtel/Austar merger may unlock IPTV goodies

Pay TV giant FOXTEL has proposed terms relating to its proposed $1.9 billion merger with fellow pay TV company Austar that could see a raft of premium content unlocked for use by competing platforms such as burgeoning Internet video companies FetchTV and Quickflix.

New iPad to hit Australia 16 March

Iconic technology giant Apple this morning revealed the new version of its flagship iPad tablet, noting that the device would be available in Australia along with a clutch of other countries from Friday 16 March -- next week.

HTC One? Telstra will take two

The nation's largest telco Telstra has confirmed it will shortly be launching two handsets in HTC's new flagship One line-up in Australia, firming suspicions that HTC's new top-end LTE model could be headed to the big T's flagship Next G 4G mobile network.

Telstra launches Samsung 4G tablet

The nation's largest telco Telstra today started selling the first tablet able to take advantage of the dramatically heightened speeds available on its fledgling 4G/LTE network infrastructure, with the device to be a 8.9" Galaxy Tab model manufactured by Samsung.

Virgin Australia provides in-flight Galaxy Tabs

Airline Virgin Australia has revealed plans to use Samsung's Android-based Galaxy Tab 10.1 device to launch Phase I of its new in-flight entertainment system on most of its Boeing 737 and Embraer E190 aircraft in April 2012. Business Class guests on all sectors will be able to use the Galaxy Tab while Economy Class passengers taking flights over three hours will have access to the device.

New HTC One line-up to hit Australia

Taiwanese gadget giant HTC has confirmed that it will shortly be launching its new top-end One line-up of Android-based smartphones revealed at Mobile World Congress in Australia, and will reportedly also launch a 4G version of its Titan II Windows Phone 7 handset locally as well.

R18+ game delays frustrate Pirate Party

The Australian branch of the Pirate Party has expressed its dismay about the continuing delay over the introduction of an R18+ classification for video games, in a statement issued last week.

PlayStation Vita goes on sale in Australia

Gaming giant Sony's latest handheld console, the PlayStation Vita, has gone on sale in Australia and is now available in stores across the country, marking Sony's fifth major console hardware launch locally.

Optus offers Nokia Lumia 800 deals

Pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 800, the first Nokia smartphone with Windows Phone 7 operating system, are now available, with exclusive online offers announced by Optus in a statement this week. The offers (valid until 29 February) come as a precursor to the much anticipated launch of the handset in Australia on 1 March.

R18+ game classification: The quest continues

The battle for an R18+ classification for videogames in Australia has been something of an epic, but the journey’s not over yet. There are still plenty more rocks and potholes to navigate before we start seeing R18+ games in local stores.

Telstra launches Motorola Xoom 2 tablet

Hot on the heels of the Motorola Xoom, Motorola Mobility and Telstra are introducing the Xoom 2 tablet to Australia. The company claims the new slimmer and lighter version of the tablet is also faster, super-powerful, and features higher productivity, rich entertainment and customisable experiences. The Motorola Xoom 2 is available from Telstra starting this week.

Kaching! CommBank’s mobile payment app pays off

Less than two months since its launch, downloads of the Kaching mobile payment app from Commonwealth Bank of Australia are going through the roof. With over 110,000 downloads and an app store rating of four stars, Kaching is the second most popular free finance app in the Australian App Store, after the company’s NetBank app, CommBank revealed this week.

R18+ game legislation hits Federal Parliament

Jason Clare, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Justice, yesterday introduced legislation to create an R18+ category for computer games.

Is a 4G Samsung Galaxy S II coming to Australia?

Samsung appears to be on the verge of launching a plethora of new mobile phones and tablets into the Australian market, with the Galaxy Note confirmed to be on its way, and 4G versions of the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone and Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet reported to be arriving shortly.

Apple Australia sold 1 million iPads in 2011

New research published by analyst house Telsyte has revealed that Apple sold about one million iPads in Australia in 2011, representing around 76 percent of the total local market for new burgeoning tablet category.

New Sony Android tablets hit Australia

Sony has launched the new Walkman Z series and the Sony Tablet P and Sony Tablet S 3G in Australia. Both the tablets and the Walkman are powered by the Android OS. The existing Sony Tablet S will also have a new pricing for its Wi-Fi model.

RIM Australia MD quits

The long-time leader of Research in Motion's Australian division has quit her post, leaving the company she has spent a decade at, as it continues to flounder in a market increasingly dominated by competing platforms from Apple and Google.

Do Australia’s video game developers have a future?

While there are obviously plenty of opportunities to develop a sustainable video game industry in Australia, the key appears to be an ongoing dialogue between industry and policy advisors at a state level, and an association such as the GDAA.

Vodafone cuts Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation prices

Struggling national mobile operator Vodafone this week launched a special offer on prices on its mobile plans for its flagship HTC Sensation XL and Samsung Galaxy S II handsets, with customers now able to pick up the smartphones for just $5 a month on a monthly plan costing $29 or higher.

Over 300,000 Australian households access IPTV

Telsyte, the Australian independent technology analyst firm, has released a study showing an increase in the use of subscription TV over broadband, with more than 300,000 Australian households currently accessing an IPTV service. This is equivalent to about one in ten subscription TV services presently provided.

New LG PRADA Android phone hits Vodafone

The new smartphone ‘PRADA phone by LG 3.0’ from the PRADA-LG collaboration will launch exclusively on the Vodafone network in Australia in April this year, according to an announcement by LG Electronics this week.

Games industry upbeat despite downturn

Australia’s interactive games industry is upbeat and prospects remain bright as consumption of games continues to thrive, according to a media release from Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (iGEA). The sentiments come despite latest data showing that there was a significant dip in ‘traditional retail’ computer and video games sales in 2011.

HBO to invest $10 million in Quickflix

Leading Australian online movie rental company Quickflix announced yesterday that US television giant Home Box Office (HBO) would invest $10 million for a strategic stake in the company.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Review

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword takes its time to warm up, but when it does, there's a lot to like about Nintendo's last serious hurrah on the Wii.

AFL rights: Optus, Telstra in a techno-legal time warp

The danger here is that regulators go with a business-friendly commercial fix, rather than regulation in the public interest. At the heart of capitalist property law is the right to exploit: just ask Optus.

Who owns footy rights? Optus web copyright victory explained

Yesterday’s Federal Court ruling that Optus customers are able to view sporting matches minutes after they are streamed live without breaching copyright is a landmark decision that alters our understanding of copyright law, and has significant implications for the AFL’s broadcasting rights deal.

WA Govt trials iPads in schools

Some of the youngest of Western Australia’s nearly 262,000 students enrolled in 770 public schools will now use the latest in Apple tablet technology to learn about alphabets and numbers.

TV Now: Why the AFL should be grateful

More eyeballs in front of live sport broadcasts are what matter. The AFL should be encouraging people to watch their product. Trying to stop them is just completely counter-productive.

Telstra launches next-gen Samsung Windows phone

Nokia’s Lumia handsets might be just around the corner, but Korean electronics giant Samsung has beaten its Finnish rival to the punch when it comes to new Windows Phone 7 smartphones available in Australia, launching its high-end Omnia W handset through Telstra this week.

Woolworths walks away from Dick Smith

Retail giant Woolworths today revealed plans to sell its Dick Smith chain of consumer electronics stores, following a strategic review of its broader assets finished in November 2011. It also plans to close up to 100 Dick Smith stores in the next two years.

Nintendo Wii U to hit Australia before Christmas

Japanese video game giant Nintendo has reportedly confirmed plans to launch its next-generation Wii U console in Australia before the end of 2012, listing a local launch in line with simultaneous releases in Japan, the US and Europe.

Nokia: Lumia 800 hits Australia in March

Nokia has reportedly revealed that its first smartphones to feature the Windows Phone 7 operating system, the Lumia 800 and 710, will hit Australia in March, with the 800 to launch through all major local carriers.

Infinity Blade II: Review

Frenetic combat and perpetual dungeon-delving are compromised by a clumsy interface and inconsistent gesture recognition in Infinity Blade II, a hack-and-slash RPG for iOS. If you can handle the repetitive content and temperamental responsiveness, an enjoyable, if grating experience lies beyond.

What Apple’s incredible quarter means for Australia

$46 billion in revenue. 64 percent quarter on quarter growth. 37 million iPhones shipped. Apple just stunned the world with some incredible financial growth over the last three months of 2011. But what do these results mean for Australia?

Toshiba’s ‘thinnest & lightest’ tablet hits Australia

Japanese consumer electronics giant Toshiba yesterday launched what it described as "the world's thinnest and lightest tablet" in Australia, putting the 10.1" Android device on sale for a recommended retail price of $579.

$4.88bn baby: Apple Australia’s licence to print money

Apple has revealed that its Australian division has experienced incredible levels of revenue growth over the past five years, in new financial documents released this week which paint a graphic picture of the effect that the global resurgence of the iconic technology giant's fortunes have had on its local operation.

Quickflix signs streaming deal with HBO

Leading Australian online movie rental and streaming company Quickflix has announced a content licensing agreement with top US television company, Home Box Office, Inc (HBO). However, new shows won't hit Quickflix's archive until 12 to 18 months after they first show in the US.

Music service Rdio launches in Australia

Rdio, the music streaming service from the founders of Skype has launched in Australia and New Zealand this week, according to a blog post on their website. Rdio is now available on the web, iPad, iPod touch, smartphones like the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone 7, and on desktop apps. Rdio is also available for users with a Sonos wireless audio system at home.

Telstra’s 4G HTC Android on sale Tuesday

The nation's largest telco Telstra will next Tuesday start selling the first smartphone to be able to fully take advantage of its growing 4G/LTE network: A HTC model running Google's Android operating system and dubbed the 'HTC Velocity 4G'.

vividwireless cuts prices for the new year

vividwireless, part of the Seven network and one of Australia’s only independent wireless broadband providers, is reducing the price of its devices and giving them away free to new customers who sign up for eligible plans.

Internode launches Fritz!Box rentals, slashes prices

National broadband company Internode revealed a new service last week that allows customers rent its Fritz!Box broadband routers and accessories. The announcement also unveiled lower pricing across the series of Fritz!Box equipment.

Huawei’s high-end Android comes to Australia

Chinese hardware giant Huawei last week unveiled the Ascend P1 S this week at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With a thickness of just 6.68mm, the Ascend P1 S is the world’s slimmest phone; and the company's working to bring it to Australia from April 2012.

Dick Smith’s not the hero product we need

Dick Smith and Harvey Norman are fabulous examples of retail marketplaces where you can buy anything. But increasingly, people don't want to buy anything. More often than not, they only want to buy the best thing. And that's the one thing which mass market retailers never quite seem to want to sell you.

Sony won’t bring US tablet price cut to Oz

Japanese electronics giant Sony yesterday said it wouldn't commit to cutting prices on its Tablet S Android tablet in Australia, despite chopping US$100 off the price of the device in the US this week.

Will the PlayBook’s US price cut hit Australia?

A spokesperson for Research in Motion (RIM) has Australia declined to reveal whether RIM will apply US discounts on its PlayBook tablet to its Australian stock. RIM has announced substantial price cuts for a limited time up to February 4 on the PlayBook in the US, offering the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models all for US$299 each, saving buyers between US$200 to US$700.

Telstra to release HTC 4G handset “soon”

The nation's biggest telco Telstra has turned up the heat on anticipation for its first 4G handset launch, confirming this week that it will be soon releasing the first phone capable of fully utilising the speeds of its 4G network. This phone will be an HTC product.

iiNet hints at new BoB in 2012

Dropping hints about new products due to be launched in 2012, iiNet Labs team member Simon Watt has revealed in a blog post this week that one of these is a major new broadband hardware product.

Next stage approval for Foxtel/AUSTAR merger

The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), led by Treasurer Wayne Swan, has announced the approval of the multi-billion dollar merger between pay TV companies Foxtel and AUSTAR. The merger will bring together two of Australia’s major subscription TV service providers.

PlayStation 3 adds Quickflix streaming for Christmas

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has announced that it is expanding its on-demand services in Australia with the launch yesterday of the Quickflix subscription movie streaming service for PlayStation 3 (PS3). The PS3 Quickflix service will offer unlimited movie viewing with a continually updated catalogue.

Optus releases Galaxy Tab 10.1 pricing

National telco Optus has announced the addition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to its tablet range, just in time for Christmas. Starting from this week, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be on offer at the Optus online store bundled with a variety of plans for householders and small and medium businesses (SMBs).

EA’s Syndicate reboot game banned in Australia

Video games giant EA has confirmed news broken by Kotaku yesterday (further reports at Ausgamers, Kotaku and Gamespot) that its reboot of the classic Syndicate game being planned for next year has been refused classification in Australia and won’t go on sale.

Samsung beats Apple to take top Aussie mobile spot

Analyst firm IDC’s ANZ Quarterly Mobile Devices Tracker released this week showed that Samsung has overtaken Apple to claim the No. 1 spot in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) mobile phone market. Samsung has been growing rapidly and has shown continuous growth for the past three quarters in the ANZ market.

CommBank’s Kaching hits iOS App Store

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia's 'Kaching' mobile payments app has been approved by Apple and is now available through the company's iOS App Store, the bank said this afternoon.

Apple claims second position in Aussie PC market

For the first time, Apple has overtaken Acer and Dell this quarter in PC unit shipments in the Australia and New Zealand market to claim second position behind HP. This could be the effect of its retail store expansion and the launch of the Macbook Air Sandy Bridge refresh model.

Android tablet growth slows in Australia

The Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) media tablet market experienced a visibly dampened growth in the third quarter of this year, with a rise of only 3.1 percent quarter on quarter (QoQ) with 434,000 units shipped, and much of the slowdown relating to the Android side of the sector.

Kobo announces price cuts for holiday season

Kobo, the eReading service with over 2.5 million eBooks, newspapers and magazines in one of the largest eReading catalogues globally, has dropped prices for its eReaders at top-tier Australian retail partners.

This is what a crate of Galaxy Nexus phones looks like

Vodafone has just published a photo gallery of a crate of Galaxy Nexus handsets arriving in its warehouse. That's a lot of sweet Android goodness!

Internode launches FetchTV for the NBN

Internode customers using fibre connections on National Broadband Network (NBN) and Opticomm-based FTTH (Fibre to the Home) network ports can now benefit from the full subscription TV channel suite offered by FetchTV.

Telstra releases Galaxy Nexus pricing

After dropping a series of hints about the matter over the past week, Telstra finally confirmed this morning that it would launch Samsung's highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus handset in Australia this week, claiming pole position locally with sales due to start tomorrow (Wednesday morning).

Aussie SMBs want tablets for Christmas

The latest research conducted for Telstra by StollzNow Research has shown that one in three Australian small business owners are thinking of buying an iPad or other brand of tablet in the lead up to Christmas.

Optus releases Galaxy Nexus pricing

National mobile carrier Optus has released the pricing and started taking pre-orders for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset to launch on its network in Australia, offering customers a launch discount of two months worth off their network access fees.

Telstra hints at Galaxy Nexus launch

Telstra hasn’t yet confirmed reports that it’s planning to launch Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus smartphone, but if this post on its CrowdSupport forum by one of its executives, Gerd Schenkel, is any indication, the telco is certainly eyeing the handset off.

Harvey Norman fined $1.25m for false advertising

The Federal Court in Brisbane has penalised retail giant Harvey Norman $1.25 million for misleading advertising, resulting from action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Vodafone releases Galaxy Nexus pricing

National mobile carrier Vodafone has started taking pre-orders for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset to launch on its network, with an anticipated launch slated to occur before Christmas.

Victorious Samsung to launch tablet for Christmas

Korean electronics giant Samsung today claimed victory in its patent court battle against iPad manufacturer Apple and confirmed plans to launch its Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet before Christmas through a variety of Australian retailers.

The Kindle Fire will storm Australia in 2012

Prediction: When Amazon's Kindle Fire launches in Australia next year, it will very quickly become the second most popular tablet locally behind Apple's dominant iPad, easily eclipsing rival offerings from the likes of Samsung, Motorola, Research in Motion and more.

Optus gives away free PlayBooks on BlackBerry plans

Optus has announced attractive deals with the release of the BlackBerry Torch 9860 that will see customers buying the smartphone on the $49 Optus cap (or above) receive a free BlackBerry PlayBook worth $579.

14 Dec: Galaxy Nexus to launch in Australia

Korean manufacturer Samsung has confirmed it will officially launch its highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus handset in Australia on 14 December, although details of carrier availability remain absent for now.

Can we believe the Galaxy Nexus rumour mill?

Will Samsung's hyped Galaxy Nexus smartphone launch through Optus in late December? It's doubtful.

Galaxy Tab banned for another week

We just got the following statement from Samsung, indicating that the ban on the company's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet will remain for another week, while the High Court decides if it wants to hear Apple's case on the matter.

Samsung beats Apple: But what does it mean?

Australian judges have responded quickly and intelligently. The courts have explicitly based their decisions on perceptions of community benefit and on a coherent interpretation of what the national Parliament, through the Patents Act 1990, wants the law to do. The latest decision shows that patent law is working, and working well.

What’s the best Australian streaming music service?

Which music streaming service should you choose? It'll depend on your specific technology setup, habits and how much you're willing to spend for what you use. But the good thing is the market for music streaming services in Australia is getting increasingly crowded; meaning more options for users and more competition.

Judge overturns Galaxy Tab sale ban

Multiple media outlets are reporting this afternoon that the Federal Court of Australia has overturned Apple;s preliminary injunction against the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet in Australia.

Aussie Motorola Xoom prices decimated: Now half-price

The approaching holiday season has online retailer Kogan Technologies slashing prices yet again on Motorola's troubled Xoom Android tablet. The 32GB 10” Wi-Fi tablet is on offer at $369, while the 3G version is available for $429.

iPhone explodes on Sydney plane flight

Regional Express (Rex), Australia's largest independent regional airline yesterday revealed that a passenger’s iPhone had self-combusted on board its flight ZL319 from Lismore to Sydney on November 25th. After landing, the phone began giving out a significant amount of dense smoke, along with a red glow.

Internode offers free FetchTV trial

In response to Australian customers’ interest in the FetchTV service, Internode has revealed a new offer for those hesitating to commit to a two-year subscription. The company has introduced a 30-day ‘no penalty’ return process to boost potential customers’ confidence.

Apple Black Friday discounts hit Australia

Apple has confirmed that its online and retail Australian stores will offer customers one-day only discounts today for Black Friday celebrations. The last Friday in November, known as Black Friday in the US, is a day of massive discounts on various items to start the Christmas shopping season.

Mobicity, Kogan start selling Galaxy Nexus

Independent online retailers Mobicity and Kogan have started selling Samsung's Galaxy Nexus handset, ahead of any planned Australian launch by Samsung itself or any mobile carrier partners.

Vodafone preferred 3G provider for PlayStation Vita

Vodafone and Sony Computer Entertainment this week announced a partnership that will deliver Vodafone preferred provider status for 3G connectivity for the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) handheld console in Australia.

Kate Vale to head sales as Spotify plans Aussie launch

Former Google executive Kate Vale has been appointed Sales Director, ANZ of Spotify, a popular music streaming company that plans to launch its services in Australia and New Zealand.

‘You can’t ride this out’: Husic warns price-hiking vendors

Federal Labor MP Ed Husic has warned technology vendors hiking prices for the Australian market that criticism and examination of their pricing strategies would not cease, despite the fact that they had so far been largely unresponsive on the issue.

Optus launches Android tablet duo for Xmas

Optus has widened the range of tablets available to Australians, in time for the Christmas gifting season, with its launch of the Acer Iconia Tab A501 and the Dell Streak 7 on its 3G network. This adds to the current array of tablets offered by Optus, which includes the Motorola Xoom.

Internode slashes FetchTV prices

In an effort to draw more subscribers to Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), national broadband provider Internode late last week announced that prices for its FetchTV service have been cut by one-third.

PlayStation Vita now available for Aussie pre-order

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia announced yesterday in Sydney, the pre-order details for its next generation portable gaming and entertainment system, PlayStation Vita, launching in stores across Australia on February 23 next year. Pre-orders for PS Vita will be available through select Australian retailers including GAME, EB Games and JB Hi-Fi.

BlackBerry Curve 9360 comes to Australia

Research In Motion (RIM) announced this week in Sydney that the BlackBerry Curve 9360 is now available in Australia.

Quickflix movie streaming hits PCs, Macs

DVD rental service Quickflix yesterday announced its new instant movie streaming service had gone live. Most householders in Australia with entry level broadband speeds can now stream unlimited movies from Hollywood’s leading studios at any time, for a monthly fee.

Motorola cuts Wi-Fi Xoom to $399

Motorola has announced that the Wi-Fi version of its Xoom tablet is now on on sale in Australia for a recommended retail price of $399, translating to a saving of 39 percent in the build up to the Christmas season.

Google eBooks finally hits Australia

Almost a year after it launched in the US, Google has brought its eBooks platform to Australia, announcing this morning that its catalogue included "hundreds of thousands" of commercial books available in Australia and "millions" of free eBooks on top.

‘Bad journalism’: Seven’s GTA report under fire

Several high-profile members of Australia's technology and gaming industries have written directly to the Seven Network, alleging the television station's report last week into a call to have the video game Grand Theft Auto banned in Australia did not represent fair coverage of the issue and made incorrect statements about gaming in general.

Vodafone’s new top Androids: HTC Sensation XL, XE

As of last night, Vodafone has several new flagship Android smartphones on offer, with the mobile carrier officially launching HTC's latest Sensation XL and XE handsets exclusive to its network.

NSW Attorney-General wants GTA banned

NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith has unexpectedly called for the popular Grand Theft Auto video game series and other violent games to be banned -- not just classified R18+ as suitable for adult use.

Netflix in Australia? Forget about it.

Pioneering online TV and movie streaming service Netflix has given a strong indication that it has no immediate intention to launch in Australia, despite having last week announcing plans to expand to the UK and Ireland early next year.

RIM bites off more Colvin than it can chew

Spare a thought for poor Research in Motion, which received the big slapdown from ABC Radio presenter Mark Colvin last week afterm it appeared, its advertising agency mistakenly used Colvin's Twitter picture in one of its video promotions.

Treasurer Swan awaits IT price hike report

Federal Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan has indicated the Government is keenly awaiting a report from the Productivity Commission which will detail the extent to which price hikes on imported technology goods and services are hurting Australian consumers.

Of Apple, Microsoft, and Australian music stores

Some six years after Apple launched its online music store in Australia, a store which sold billions of songs, Microsoft is following suit, using a subscription model which Steve Jobs rejected almost a decade ago, and which had publicly failed several times. And Microsoft is still not quite sure whether the 'per song' pricing model works.

Perth app developer wins $1.1m capital

Perth-based smartphone app developer Filter Squad this week announced it had taken a new $1.1 million funding round led by fellow Perth firm Yuuwa Capital, as the startup continues to leverage its popular Discovr iOS app into commercial success.

Optus launches FetchTV from $10 a month

The nation's number two telco Optus has launched the FetchTV Internet video platform already being sold by iiNet, Internode and Adam Internet for the starting price of $9.95 a month -- a charge which will be waived when customers are using its $109 Fusion home broadband and telephone bundle.

Spotify hiring Australian staff

Online music streaming label Spotify is currently hiring for at least one Australian staff member, following its high-profile launch in the United States.

Quickflix movies to stream to PS3

DVD rental outfit Quickflix today revealed it had signed a deal with Sony to allow streaming of its nascent video on demand platform to the Japanese manufacturer's PlayStation 3 platform.

New Android army invades telcos, resellers

Thinking of buying an new smartphone based on Google's Android platform? You may want to hold off for a while. It was revealed this week that a number of new high-end Android devices are slated to hit Australian mobile carriers Optus and Vodafone over the next few months -- as well as through third-party suppliers.

Telcos clam up on iPhone 4S injunction

Australia's major mobile carriers have declined to comment on whether they will stop selling Apple's latest iPhone 4S handset or shipping the device to customers, following a legal attempt by smartphone rival Samsung yesterday to block the sale of the handset in Australia.

Samsung files suit to block Aussie iPhone 4S sales

Korean electronics giant Samsung today asked courts in Australia and Japan to block the sale of Apple's latest iPhone 4S handset in the two countries, as part of ongoing legal action between the pair.

iPhone 4S launch: Telstra photos

Lastly, some photos from Telstra's iPhone 4S. The photos appear to have been taken both in Sydney and at one of the telco's stores in Melbourne.

iPhone 4S Sydney launch: Vodafone pics

Vodafone has also sent through some pictures of its iPhone 4S launch in Sydney this morning. The company shipped in a boatload of celebrities for the event -- the overwhelming majority of which we'd never heard of.

iPhone 4S Sydney launch: Optus pics

Optus has sent through some pictures from its Sydney launch of the Apple iPhone 4S. Pictured above is the first customer, Jeff Taylor. Jeff is also featured in another picture with Optus consumer marketing director Gavin Williams.

Telstra bakes iPhone 4S cake … running iOS 4

Ah, Telstra, The company that so often comes so close and yet just misses the mark. The company this afternoon posted these photos on its Flickr account of a cake it has baked in celebration of its iPhone 4S launch tomorrow morning. However keen observers will note the cake only runs version 4 of Apple's iOS mobile operating system.

iPhone 4S: Telco forums flooded with queries

Pundits have panned it as only a modest upgrade on the previous model, analysts have bemoaned the lack of an iPhone 5 and the traditional midnight launches have been cancelled. But if the flood of queries to the forums of Australian mobile carriers is any indication, demand is running hot for Apple's iPhone 4S.

Apple wins Samsung Galaxy Tab injunction

Apple has reportedly won a temporary injunction against Samsung selling in Australia its iPad rival tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, until the legal wrangling over patents between the pair is resolved.

Virgin Mobile releases iPhone 4S plans

Optus subsidiary Virgin Mobile has released its pricing plans for Apple's new flagship handset the iPhone 4S, with the company appearing to aim the plans at customers who want mid-range options with solid value.

Delving behind the iPhone 4S “demand”

Over the past several days several pieces of evidence have emerged that there is overwhelming interest from consumers in Apple's latest handset, the iPhone 4S. But what's behind this "demand"?

Deconstructing Delimiter: An article teardown


Steve Jobs: Australia says goodbye, and thank you

From academics to chief executives and entrepreneurs, from the everyday man on the street to our country’s Prime Minister and from one side of our wide brown land to another, yesterday Australians paid tribute to the passing of Apple supremo Steve Jobs and the incredible wave of innovation the executive unleashed upon the globe over the past few decades, as well as saying goodbye and thank you to a visionary with a personal touch.

Memorial gathers at Apple store Sydney

A small Steve Jobs memorial has started to gather outside the Apple store in downtown Sydney this afternoon.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. We’ll miss you.

Apple has lost a visionary and a creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.

Apple “price gouging” Australians, claims NSW Minister

Liberal NSW Fair Trading Minister and Liberal MP Anthony Roberts has added his voice to the debate about price markups on technology goods sold in Australia, claiming iconic technology giant Apple is "price gouging" the Australian public when it comes to digital goods such as films, music and software.

“Bullshit spread far and wide”: MacTalk founder slams iPhone 4S reporting

Anthony Agius isn’t happy about the way Australia’s technology press has reported this morning’s Apple announcements. And the entrepreneur has some experience following Cupertino — having founded local Apple community MacTalk, he’s as much of an Apple expert as they come.

Apple just lost Australia’s smartphone conch

The release of the iPhone 4S throws a ring fence around Apple’s smartphone market share in Australia, protecting and securing it for the time being. But that's about all it will do.

Those Telstra iPhone 5 ads? They’re fake.

OK, calm down everyone. Those iPhone 4S/5 ads which someone posted on Whirlpool? Yeah, they’re fake.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1: Review

There’s a lot to like in the latest flagship ThinkPad. The premium materials, semi-rugged construction, and ultra-slim profile all amount to a beautifully-engineered laptop that’s more than capable of handling the day-to-day drudgeries of office work.