Google Nexus tablet hits Oz in July: Gizmodo


blog Gizmodo Australia this afternoon reported that Google will launch its own 7″ Android tablet, dubbed the Nexus 7 and running the next version of Android (Jelly Bean) in Australia this July, with prices ranging from US$199 to US$249. We recommend you click through to Giz for the full article and pictures.

If this rumour is true — and even Gizmodo appears a little bit unsure about it at this point, it could finally herald a dramatic shake-up of the tablet market which Apple’s iPad completely dominates in Australia. With a newly reworked Android operating system, the trademark great hardware which Google’s Nexus smartphone line is known for, and prices which are quite a bit cheaper than the iPad, this one could be a winner. Hopefully, hold on to your hats for some tablet goodness.

Image credit: Google


  1. Just ordered the 16Gb model – $299 plus $19.99 delivery.

    Delivery expected mid-July.

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