Those Telstra iPhone 5 ads? They’re fake.


OK, calm down everyone. Those iPhone 4S/5 ads which someone posted on Whirlpool? Yeah, they’re fake. Sure, the guy who posted them claims to work for Telstra. And well he might. But in the words of Telstra spokesperson Craig Middleton: “The purported “Telstra iPhone 5″ ads are fake. Full stop end of story. If you report them you have been duped. #thatwontdetersomemedia”. You can also check out the Twitter debate between Craig and AFR tech journo David Ramli on whether the ads should be reported anyway, even though they’re fake.

Having said that, if you want to check them out in all their faked glory, you can download the full package of original PNG files here (1MB zip file), or check out the lower resolution gallery below. They might be fake, but at least they’re entertaining :) And of course, y’all know where the anonymous tips line is if you have any of the real thing.

Image credit: Fuck knows


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