Can we believe the Galaxy Nexus rumour mill?


blog Today’s Galaxy Nexus rumour comes courtesy of Android Australia (they of the many Galaxy Nexus rumours), which reported this morning that the handset hyped as the One True Android Phone to rule all others may launch in Australia on or around December 20 this year. Ausdroid notes:

“In what has been a painful wait Optus finally confirmed (internally) that they are going to carry the Galaxy Nexus. Due in store on or around the 20th of December for FREE, that’s right FREE on the $79 Business Cap (24 month contract). If they hold true to previous form, the phone will be available to general consumers shortly after the Dec 20th release.”

Now, Ausdroid generally is pretty good when it comes to Android scoops in Australia. However, it has previously reported that the Galaxy Nexus was also slated to launch through Telstra “very early” and through Vodafone “very soon”. With this in mind (and with confirmation from Optus spokespeople yet to arrive), we’re taking this one with a grain of salt. 20 December is an awful date for a handset launch; it’s too close to Christmas, and too close to the dead zone in early January when nobody buys anything whatsoever.

Image credit: Samsung


  1. Still no noise about the Galaxy Note…
    Such a shame because I LOVE mine.
    The best phone I’ve ever used…

  2. Nexus S is on $29 cap with Vodafone, first 12 months $10 off.

    I will wait when Galaxy Nexus drops price. $79 cap is just too expensive. Free on $49 is more acceptable.

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