Foxtel ramps up its IPTV offering in competition with Netflix


news Foxtel has revamped its approach to package pricing for its IP-delivered subscription TV service, Foxtel Play, presumably aiming to lower the cost bar for customers in the face of competition from rival services such as Netflix.

The new pricing model features lower cost entry points that the content provider said will be “more competitive” with subscription video on demand (SVOD) services.

Foxtel said the move is designed to increase consumer choice and to break down “traditional barriers” to taking up its services.

Announcing the news at the 2016 ASTRA conference, Foxtel CEO Peter Tonagh said the new “flexible” pricing and delivery will mean that “more Australians will be able to design a subscription that works for them”.

The new entry level pricing is set to launch in December and takes a “bring your own device” and “bring your own bandwidth” model with IP-delivered entertainment brought to a variety of connected device types, such as a smart TV or laptop.

As part of the new IP offering, Foxtel is creating five different entry level tiers aimed to match viewers’ interests, including two options for drama, one for lifestyle, one for documentary and one for children. Customers will further be able to add sports and movies tiers.

According to Foxtel, subscribers will have access to all linear channels in the tier along with all of the on-demand, catch-up and library content available to that tier, as well as mobile access via its Foxtel Go service.

With its new pricing option, Foxtel is now providing everything from a “low cost, low commitment” entry point, through to premium, high-end subscriptions via full service cable/satellite set top boxes.

The firm has also confirmed that it is developing a new low-cost ‘puck’ – a small device via which to access its IP delivered content. At launch, the puck will have a user interface with “sophisticated” search and recommendation functionality, the company said.

Tonagh also announced at the ASTRA event, that in December Foxtel will launch a new kids’ app bringing access to all of Foxtel’s children’s content. Downloading the app will mean parents can be sure their children only have access to age-appropriate programming, Foxtel said.


  1. Where now for delims and WPers squealing Murdoch conspiracy to kill the NBN? (rofl)

    • where do you see anything about the nbn mentioned?
      byo bandwidth means just that – not that they give a shit about what it is.

    • Far better to get a free ride on a taxpayer expanded HFC network. Nice of us to pick up the bill for it’s upgrade and ongoing maintenance.

    • In a way they kind of did because if you cant kill it, delay it……
      They got an extra 3 years worth of revenue before competition came along and the environment became viable enough to favor the competition.
      Foxtel are now simply picking up slack and going SVOD because if they don’t, they will die a slow protracted death.

      Still no word though from Foxtel if they will change there Foxtel Go streaming app to support res higher then 480-720….

  2. Colluded to cripple and smash fibre internet. Spending the entire budget on faulty DSL revamps. Then use that an excuse why people need their rights stealing failing business.

  3. And yet still i will never give Rupert any of my money i would rather go to jail for pirating than give that fucking germ $1.

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