iiNet hints at new BoB in 2012

news Dropping hints about new products due to be launched in 2012, iiNet Labs team member Simon Watt has revealed in a blog post this week that one of these is a major new broadband hardware product.

Watt disclosed that the new mystery product has required the entire iiNet Labs team to come together at the iiNet head office in Subiaco, WA for discussions on the New Year release. He stated that the team has been brainstorming for the very best name for the new product. Watt also assured that the new product’s technology is being designed to keep pace with fast-moving technology to serve customers’ needs.

Watt has reached out to customers, asking for suggestions about what new product they’d wish for from iiNet. Another tip from Watt suggests that the new surprise product will connect users to their homes in many more ways than ever. Referring to another product launch slated for 2012, Watt hinted that wireless modem owners would “find it very interesting indeed”. Gizmodo has reported that the images accompanying the post referred to a “BoB 3” product.

Just about a year ago, iiNet had extended its popular BoB integrated ADSL router product line with BoB Lite—the first product to be designed, developed and distributed internally in its in-house development labs. The device features a port for a telephone to connect to its in-built internet telephony line, four Ethernet LAN ports, an ADSL port and two USB ports to connect USB storage or a 3G modem to improve its inbuilt functionality. The inclusion of a PSTN failover port is intended to alleviate any downtime on iiTalk, which is iiNet’s VOIP service.

BoB Lite (Delimiter’s review here) supports the 802.11n wireless standard, the legacy 802.11b and g options and the TR-069 standard for easy provisioning by iiNet and enables access to iiNet’s Fetchtv service. This first effort from iiNet is in direct competition to similar devices from Belkin, Linksys, NETGEAR and even FRITZ!Box from Internode.

iiNet followed this with a new model of its BoB ADSL integrated router range in February 2011. The new iiNet BoB provides ADSL2+ functionality, the latest 802.11n Wi-Fi standard, a handset with a full colour screen and dual VoIP capability to support two phone numbers from two providers. The new model continues to support iiNet’s Fetchtv internet video platform and also supports IPv6 but not gigabit Ethernet. Steve Harley, iiNet Labs CEO stated that the new BoB would feature a built-in answering machine and parental control functionality and would be geared to keep with network changes, such as the National Broadband Network rollout.

At the same time, Harley has also confirmed that iiNet was planning to manufacture products in-house to increase competition and innovation. In July 2011, iiNet had announced the signing of a new deal for products from its Labs division in New Zealand. The New Zealand company, Orcon, which is an emerging NZ telco, became the first to on-sell the BoB2 from July 20, under the name “Orcon Genius”, with several modifications for compatibility with the NZ market.

Harley had further announced plans to modify other Labs products for making them available in New Zealand through Orcon over the course of 2011. Another recent product from iiNet is the Wireless Bridge product which sits between customers’ lounge room media centres and their routers.

Image credit: iiNet


  1. If it’s as aesthetically pleasing as the BoB2 with the functionality as a Fritz 7390 consider this an order :)

  2. i think they should change the name. bob is now associated with piece of crap thanks to iinets earlier efforts.

  3. I agree, BoB is a stupid name. iinet should cast it back into the fires of hell ( no offence to any one with the name bob ).

    • What name do you think they should choose? Do you think it’s a BoB improvement, or a completly new device?

      Maybe it’s a BoB2 Wireless Bridge? – Merges the BoB2 functionality with the Wireless Bridge, so you only need one more device – that would be nice.

      But I guess we just have to wait and see.

  4. Must be all the marketing hype but something that doesn’t sound like a child’s toy would be an improvement. Since its likely to be handling phone, broadband and on demand services then a name that indicates its overall capabilities while sounding slick would be good. iiStation? iiMediacentre? iiHub?

  5. I like what iiNet attempted with the BoB and their earlier custom devices – make a simple, easy to use xDSL device that the average mum and dad can plug in, configure, and have their voice, Broadband, and Wirless just work.
    Unfortunately the products had significant issues, the firmware updates few and far between, and the support from iiNet in addressing these issues woeful. I just hope this BoB 3 or whatever it’s called actually works.

  6. hmmm talking about new products! well, after using their BoB lite for a week, realising it can’t even handle iView on a PS3 let alone other things I sent it back their way.. Thank you but no thank you…

    Love iiNet. But their BoB products old and new are rubbish….. now working from experience, if your early products are rubbish, usually new models will be as rubbishy.. hopefully I’m wrong.. but I won’ be buying any of what they will offer any time soon…

    • fred is already taken. f;ing ridiculus eating device (military gadget used for eating, obviously)
      how about frid? f’ing ridiculus internet device?

  7. Maybe they could upgrade all their exchanges first so those without BOB could get it too…

  8. I dont get all this IINET bashing. I’ve been a customer for 18 months NEVER had any connectivity issues.
    I am the first to admit fetchtv is garbage and not worth the money with the current line up but with regards to customer service and call handling, extending billing cycles. I have NOT had a problem.

    Whilst I know my experience is not the same for everyone I’m happy with BOB. it does what it says on the box.

    Trust me I have tried to trip up their call centre staff as I train and work in marketing and product launch and follow up but no matter how much i tried they fell overthemselves to help me

    /2 cents


  9. Boblite should be called junkheavy, i wish iinet would take it back, they replaced it but i still have the same problems even after numerous support calls. now they say its been too long to return it. Out of the box QOS sux for voip calls when downloading or uploading. You cant charge phones etc with the usb port as advertised. I cant use 240V powered external hard dives on my PC (computer not into boblite) or near the boblite, even plugging in an external hard drive into my PVR nearly 5 meters away boblite resyncs dropping speed every-time. Love IINET but i wanted a wifi modem and signed up for 24mths to get boblite for free as i had no intentions of changing isp’s, should have listed to my wife

  10. BoBLite has been tantastic for me. I had one issue with iView streaming, this was resolved with beta firmware 1468 and now it operates fine.

  11. I don’t see any comments on how BobLite works with cordless phones from companies like Uniden, Panasonic etc. Compatibility was a problem with BOB 1 depending on frequency etc, but since BobLite is BOB2 without the handset, it’s offered by iiNet specifically to use with other brand cordless systems. Is it compatible with everything, or are there any problems?

    • You don’t see any comments on how BoB Lite works with cordless phones is because it can’t.

      The only way you can get it to work is if you connect a cordless base station to the phone port of BoB Lite.

  12. Problem is base stations of cordless phone systems are not just a normal phone. Their electronics often conflict with wireless routers; the Whirlpool forums have many stories of cordless systems not working with iiNet’s BOB router, and apparently Panasonic units are worst of all.

    Since posting, iiNet tech support has reset my BOB to factory defaults and then I have inputted all my settings again. So far it seems to be working. Believe me, this is not necessarily easy.

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