Internode offers free FetchTV trial

news In response to Australian customers’ interest in the FetchTV service, Internode has revealed a new offer for those hesitating to commit to a two-year subscription. The company has introduced a 30-day ‘no penalty’ return process to boost potential customers’ confidence.

Customers trying out this option can sign up for a 24-month contract for a full or lite FetchTV subscription. If unsatisfied after 30 days, they can choose to cancel the service without having to pay the usual penalties for early termination, and return to Internode the equipment supplied. Customers opting out of the contract would still have to pay the monthly fees for the period that they used the FetchTV service. The no-termination-fee offer excludes any other hardware bought from Internode, such as routers and power-over-ethernet boxes.

Internode has also invited customers who terminate their FetchTV subscription during the trial period to post their story about their decision at a forum set up for the purpose. The company intends to use this feedback to improve the service and their interaction with future customers.

The trial offer applies for all new two-year subscriptions that customers opt for from the current week until Christmas 2011. It has also been backdated to include subscriptions taken from November 21st, 2011. The offer requires customers to ensure that returned hardware reaches Internode before the end of the second month of the contract term, in original packaging, with all cables together, and in resalable condition.

This free trial offer comes after Internode announced a slash in rates for the FetchTV service, in an effort to boost subscriptions. The company has also indicated that the trial might be extended if it goes well. Internode’s proposal is similar to rival Internet Service Provider iiNet’s scheme announced in July, offering a three-month trial option for existing customers.

In general, the FetchTV service offers a range of content to customers — with its basic TV channels featuring brands such as Discovery and National Geographic, BBC World News, CNBC Australia, Al Jazeera English and more, as well as a large range of add-on packages. Movies from major studios are delivered on a pay per view basis, and the service also auto-downloads a number of movies weekly for free consumption. It also functions as a set-top box for viewing and recording free to air digital TV.

I’m currently trialling a FetchTV service myself, as a review unit that I’ve borrowed this week from iiNet. While some aspects of the service work well, others are pretty … rudimentary, would be my word. I’ll have a review up probably early next week on the service, with a view to examining how it has evolved over the past year.

Image credit: FetchTV. Opinion/analysis by Renai LeMay


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