Sydney Apple iPad queue is huge


video If you’re curious to know what the launch overnight and this morning of Apple’s new iPad, check out these two videos posted by Gizmodo of the event. The first video chronicles Telstra’s midnight launch last night. The telco was the only company (apart from Big W which also opened a few of its stores) to open its doors at midnight for iPad buyers.

And then there’s another video chronicling the launch of the iPad at the Apple store in Sydney’s CBD this morning. I have to say, I went past the iPad queue at around 8PM last night, and there was only dozen or so people hanging around. Things seem to have changed this morning … in fact, I’ve never seen a queue this long outside the Sydney CBD Apple store — and I’ve attended launches various iPhone and iPad launches over a period of about five years now.

I think a lot of people in Australia’s technology sector have mixed feelings about this kind of mad Apple fever. On the one hand, it’s great to see such passion for technology. But on the other hand, it is a little bit disturbing to see the iFanbois lining up for so long on the street — for a consumer device they could easily order online and have delivered to them a few days later. But then, Apple has always engendered this kind of polarisation. You typically either love the company or hate it ;)


  1. Why anyone would suffer through that queue and even worse, the apple staff, is beyond me.

    I found this wonderful thing called the interwebz, you can do shopping n stuff on it.

    My pre-ordered ipad arrived in regional WA at 9:10am this morning.

    • Nice work! I don’t understand the lining up craze either. Waiting for hours in line, and tweeting my every footstep towards the Apple store door, is not my idea of “fun” :)

      I’m keen to get the new iPad, but I can wait a month or two. Particularly as I’d rather see news from hackers of an A5X jailbreak exploit before taking the plunge.

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