Broadway Apple store: Opening video


video Want to see hundreds of iFanbois lining up to buy things they could already buy elsewhere? Want to see dozens of Apple retail staff in blue t-shirts revving themselves up to sell them those iThings? Then you’ll want to watch the video above of Apple’s new Broadway, Sydney store opening last Saturday. iExciting.


  1. iLame. Can I have my 1+min back? I think I am going to be sick. Just wanna get rid of any iDevice I have left in the house.

    How sad have people become?

  2. What’s to be so excited about?
    It’s a 20 minute walk and a 5 minute cab ride from the CBD Apple Store.

    • The Sydney Apple Store has no parking. The Broadway Apple Store has tonnes of free parking. Great for genius bar visits on the weekend..!

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