This week in Australian CIO blogs

Australia's chief information officers are a busy lot -- when they're not revamping the entire IT infrastructure for their company, tinkering with their iPad or chinwagging at Gartner conferences, they're blogging.

UXC Connect ties itself in iPad knots

One can understand the frustration of technology companies in dealing with the media. In this view interview with business and investment commentator Peter Switzer, one gets the feeling that UXC Connect chief Paul Timmins feels like he’s trying to swim upstream.

An iPhone app will not fix Australia’s e-health woes

Hilarious news comes from the Federal Government’s flagship e-health conference in Melbourne this week, where Health Minister has revealed that part of Labor’s $466.7 million national e-health project will be spent on … an iPhone app for doctors.

Don’t worry, Paul Graham, Australians aren’t all stupid

Over on Hacker News, the official new century media organ of double plus fine seed funding giant Y Combinator, founder Paul Graham muses about a little nation we like to call ‘Oz’.

Happy Budde faces a hostile NBN crowd

Paul Budde's support for the National Broadband Network project is well known, with most in the industry considering the analyst's open bias to be a matter of public record.

Which department banned Yammer?

blog Our favourite local e-government specialist Craig Thomler has a fascinating post over on his blog about a Federal Government department which has recently...

Perkins + Berg’s excellent cloud adventures

Cloud, cloud, cloud. It’s all we ever seem to hear about in enterprise IT these days (although Stephen Tame’s segue into unified communications was a fascinating one), and we wouldn’t be surprised if y’all were sick to death of it.

Senate contempt order: Could Conroy face gaol?

Frankly, I agree 100 percent with David. Labor is onto a winner with its National Broadband Network policy. There's a critical mass here. All it needs to do is eat a bit of humble pie and release one or two documents that the public, after all, has already paid for. Why is this too much to ask? It's a flaming democracy, after all.

Breakfast with the (new media) stars

it’s not every day you get to see me or anyone else who contributes to Delimiter in real life — normally we’re sequestered in our offices frantically typing away at our computers :) But on the morning of Thursday November 25th (yes, the morning of our Christmas Party), you’ll get that chance.

The Australian’s still on Conroy’s back

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy won't have been too happy this morning when he picked up his copy of The Australian newspaper -- if he still reads it, that is, after his public attacks on the masthead last month.

Delimiter files FoI requests for Reinecke, NBN Co reports

It's a historic day for Delimiter today. Tonight we filed our first Freedom of Information requests to the Federal Government.

Australia’s emissary to Blizzard: Simon Hackett

You’ve got to love Simon Hackett’s constant Whirlpool posts. They’re a fount of information, controversy and entertainment. Over the years I’ve greatly enjoyed watching the principled and ethical leader of broadband rebel splinter group Internode tussle with the denizens of the nation’s most famous online forum.

Does Australia have “cyber space weapons”?

Oh dear. The ABC’s Chris Uhlmann might be a fantastic political reporter, but there’s no doubt he’s a bit out of his depth when reporting on technology matters, as evidenced by a fascinating conversation he held yesterday on ABC News 24 with Defence Minister Stephen Smith. The topic: How the US and Australia are working together on cyber-security matters.

Core banking overhaul is a false dichotomy

The CBA has been on a high-spending tech roadmap for the past decade — first with the CommSee project, and now with its core overhaul. But then, it needed to — it probably had the most archaic systems of any bank to start with. And why should all of the other banks play follow the leader if there are bigger problems that need to be solved?

Gary Gray promises to release Reinecke report

blog We've been fairly harsh (sorry!) on the Australian Government Information Management Office in the past, although we're quite fond of first assistant secretary...

Trinity setting the iPad pace in education

While we’re on the iPad — and don’t worry, there’s plenty of doubters out there; Jeff Waugh, we’re looking at you — we thought y’all might be interested in what Trinity College at Melbourne University is up to.

Why can’t we get Linux on the desktop right?

Fascinating post here from Matt Marlor, Sydney IT manager par extraordinaire and one of the chief wranglers of the AuTechHeads user group. Marlor documents his experience of installing the latest version of Ubuntu on his HP notebook and ruminates on why the operating system isn’t more popular than it already is.

Rasmussen: I’m joining Facebook and Google wasn’t “patient” on Wave

Fascinating interview here by the Sydney Morning Herald with outgoing Googler Lars Rasmussen on why he’s joining Facebook and his thoughts on the failed Google Wave project, which he was a core part of.

The pathetic state of Australian in-flight internet

Want to use the internet on your flight on an Australian airline? That’s nice — but it’s also not yet possible, appears to be the conclusion to an extensive article on the subject published over at brand spanking new online publication Australian Business Traveller.

Blizzard changes its tune … was it Telstra, or Optus?

Jeez, Blizzard, way to win everyone back. First you give Australia a spurious reason why you can't set up a dedicated local hub in Australia for World of Warcraft and StarCraft II players, claiming that the nation's "number one ISP" can't correctly route the fat traffic your legions of loyal fans are able to dish out.

iPad trial: Does anyone know who this is?

Looks like there's at least one major Australian organisation that is trialling iPads with a view to a much wider rollout.

An NBN war in multiple, enjoyable parts

If you have a bit of time and are interested in this little “National Broadband Network” issue that keeps on popping up, we recommend you check out this extensive transcript — or hey, even watch the whole thing online through this “Internet” doohicky, when they put it up — of SBS’s Insight program last night.

John Howard: The NBN sux but Twitter’s OK

Well, well well. Turns out the old dog knows some new tricks. Not only did former Australian Prime Minister John Howard participate in a live blog with The Australian newspaper today, he took the time out to slam Labor’s National Broadband Network project and comment on what he thinks about Twitter.

Facebook, iPhone mafia games, cloud computing: Enemies of the state?

There is absolutely no reason why, in 2010, Australia's police should be looking at Facebook, iPhone mafia games and even cloud computing as if these things are new, strange or hard to understand. revisits Atlassian listing debate

Interesting comments here (iTNews) from chief executive Matt Barrie on whether it would be better for Australia’s technology sector if local startup darling Atlassian listed on the Australian Stock Exchange instead of the Nasdaq, as it plans to.