Delimiter has shut down


Hi there Delimiter readers,

hope you’re well! Renai LeMay here.

As you may be aware, I left Delimiter several months ago to pursue my interest in the project management and governance of major technology projects. You can find all the details about that here. Things are going very well on my end.

Over the past several months, I’ve been wrestling with the future of Delimiter in my absence. I’ve had a number of discussions with parties interested in buying the site and keeping it running, and I’ve explored a number of models for doing so.

Ultimately, however, I decided that I didn’t have enough confidence that someone else could keep the spirit of Delimiter going in my absence.

With this in mind, I’ve recently taken the decision to keep the site online for reference purposes, but to stop publishing any new articles on it.

Essentially, Delimiter has now gone into cold storage.

Just to be clear: This means that Delimiter is no longer publishing new articles, and I am no longer a journalist. I have also resigned from the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery and handed in my Parliament House pass.

I apologise for this. It’s been a difficult decision for me, but I know I have made the right choice.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a Delimiter reader and for supporting the site. Thanks to your contribution, Delimiter was able to be a strong voice speaking truth to power for many years.

Also, please look out for my forthcoming book, The Frustrated State: How terrible tech policy is deterring digital Australia, as well as a science fiction novel I have planned for 2017. I have not stopped writing. But I have a different focus and approach now ;)

A couple of last housekeeping matters: The Apple Watch giveaway we kicked off in July has completed. The Apple Watch was won by Brad, an IT services and support officer in Queensland. Congrats! The prize has been sent off to him. And we have refunded the portion of Delimiter Memberships which we did not end up delivering.

Thanks again for your support, and I hope to bump into you around the IT industry :)


Former Editor + Publisher

Image credit: Dark Souls