Blizzard changes its tune … was it Telstra, or Optus?


blog Jeez, Blizzard, way to win everyone back. First you give Australia a spurious reason why you can’t set up a dedicated local hub in Australia for World of Warcraft and StarCraft II players, claiming that the nation’s “number one ISP” can’t correctly route the fat traffic your legions of loyal fans are able to dish out.

Then — in a move guaranteed to win us all back, you remember that — wait — Telstra isn’t the biggest ISP in Australia after all. You were talking about Optus. Nice one — it’s almost as though you don’t actually know anything about Australia and are just talking out of your behind from an ivory tower in Irvine, California, where your fat sacks of cash are distracting you from correctly interpreting the desires of your Australian customers.

In protest, I’m not playing StarCraft II tonight. Well, for the next 15 minutes. Probably.

(via AusGamers)

Image credit: Screenshot of a StarCraft II beta match between WhiteRa and The Little One, as commented by Husky and HD