UXC Connect ties itself in iPad knots


blog One can understand the frustration of technology companies in dealing with the media. In this video interview with business and investment commentator Peter Switzer, one gets the feeling that UXC Connect chief Paul Timmins feels like he’s trying to swim upstream.

Switzer might know business, but although his site even has a technology section, he clearly just isn’t quite sure what Timmins is talking about.

“They want to enterprise-enable the iPad,” Timmins says at one point, referring to the common process of taking a consumer-level technology and making it ready for large organisations. “But that’s real tech-talk, you’ve got normal people out there,” replies Switzer. “Enterprise … enable. That means make it good for businesses?”

But it’s when Switzer started talking about “BlackBerry-izing” the iPad that we really fell off the train.

Of course, Timmins doesn’t always make it easy for Switzer. “What the new technology does, Peter, is, it’s the new wave of technology,” he says at one point. Illuminating!

Now there is no doubt that the iPad is making waves inside large Australian organisations at the moment. UXC Connect, as Timmins tells Switzer, has recently deployed 2,000 of the tablet devices for a multinational organisation. And there are already a number of local groups which have hundreds in use — if not thousands by now.

But Switzer’s attitude perhaps does much to illustrate that it will take many people quite a while longer to understand the speed of change currently going on in the market. Apple’s brand is associated with the consumer — it will take a while for the whole business community to see the iPad as a credible business tool and not just a handy toy to keep the kids busy watching YouTube.

In the meantime, we’ve got a brief recommendation for Timmins himself. Mate, come in and do the same video interview with Delimiter. We actually know what you’re talking about ;)

Image credit: UXC Connect


  1. ‘That’s real tech talk, you got normal people out there..’


    Yeah, do an interview here…. We don’t have any normal people.

  2. I swear Switzer is drunk half the time…
    “I’ve got an iPad, I’ve got a business. Can I go to you guys and get it businessified?”
    Market news for 5 year olds :(

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