Gary Gray promises to release Reinecke report


blog We’ve been fairly harsh (sorry!) on the Australian Government Information Management Office in the past, although we’re quite fond of first assistant secretary John Sheridan and his mixed Twitterings about government 2.0 and his beloved Wallabies.

That’s why we found this interview gun ARN journalist David Ramli has conducted with new Special Minister of State Gary Gray (if you’ll remember, AGIMO went back to the Howard days after Lindsay Tanner left) extremely fascinating. In it, Gray clearly states that the report conducted by former NEHTA chief and bad boy Ian Reinecke (naughty PDF) into how the recommendations of the Gershon review were implemented will finally be made public:

I mentioned Reinecke’s report and that was commissioned quite a few months ago. It needs to be made public and the deliberations around it need to be publicly ventilated. My personal view is that that’s a more valuable contribution than me talking to a whole range of people

Good-oh. Perhaps we might finally find out what was blacked out of Finance’s AGIMO briefing documents. Ramli’s interview also contained this gem.

We haven’t met, this is our first conversation and I applaud your journalistic ferret-like capacity to hunt me down on things that have relevance to the Federal Budget but I can’t make observations about it the shape or the content of it. But I thank you for the opportunity to hang myself.

Ouch. Sounds like our new Special Minister of State has some teeth. Watch out, AIIA — you could be in for a bumpy journey with all that government lobbying going on.

Image credit: Federal Government