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Truth: CVC pricing is the key NBN sleeper issue in this election

Forget fibre. Forget copper. Forget even Australian Federal Police raids. The controversial Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) pricing model is the key underlying National Broadband Network issue which keeps coming up again and again this Election. And no party is proposing to fix it.

The Inside Track: New CVC model is NBN’s attempt to fix congestion issues

The new CVC pricing model announced by the NBN company this morning is at least partially an attempt to fix the peak hour congestion issues being experienced by early Fibre to the Node users. But only time will tell whether the attempt will succeed.

NBN finally overhauls damaged CVC pricing model

The NBN company has finally overhauled its controversial 'Connectivity Virtual Circuit' (CVC) pricing model in an attempt to unlock further uptake of its infrastructure and reward retail Internet service providers who provide adequate broadband capacity to their customers.

NBN revamps CVC pricing scheme

As you may have seen last week, the NBN company announced that it would conduct a trial of revamped pricing on its CVC product -- the structure through which the NBN company actually charges retail ISPs for downloads over its network, rather than customer connections.

CVC rebate won’t change Internode’s NBN prices

Internode has confirmed it won't update its National Broadband Network pricing following a deal with NBN Co on a rebate on pricing for its Connectivity Virtual Circuit capacity links, with the ISP's managing director Simon Hackett noting the rebate had already been taken into account when the prices were set.

NBN Co brokers CVC truce with Hackett

NBN Co today revealed it would offer ISP customers a rebate on pricing for its Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) capacity links to end customers premises, in what appeared to be an attempt to address persistent criticism of its pricing model from outspoken telco executives such as Internode managing director Simon Hackett.

NBN cost blow-outs Turnbull’s fault, says Labor

The Opposition has turned allegations of cost blowouts in the National Broadband Network project back on the Government, stating that the project's continually falling financial return problem should be laid at Malcolm Turnbull's door for his controversial Multi-Technology Mix.

Home truths: Baxter points out how ridiculous NBN speed tiers truly are

One of Australia's most successful and experienced technology entrepreneurs has published an extraordinary analysis of the NBN company's technical model, highlighting the sheer stupidity of speed tiers on a fiber network which offers essentially unlimited speeds, as well as a wide range of other obvious problems.

MyNetFone demands NBN ‘level the playing field’ for mid-sized ISPs

MyNetFone has demanded that the NBN "level the playing field" for mid-size telcos in Australia by taking several measures it said would bring healthier competition in the telecoms industry.

NBN gridlock resolved: FTTN congestion fixed for some

Some of the early adopters of the Government's preferred Fibre to the Node NBN rollout model have now resolved their problems and are achieving the speeds they were promised on the service, following pressure on the issue from Delimiter and the Opposition.

NBN blogger predicted FTTN congestion seven months ago

A prominent blogger about the National Broadband Network appears to have predicted significant congestion problems with the Coalition's preferred Fibre to the Node technology about seven months before early FTTN adopters started revealing them in the past week.

Labor has 60 complaints from congested FTTN users who want their ADSL back

The Opposition said this week that it has received about 60 complaints from early adopters of the Government's preferred Fibre to the Node NBN rollout model, many of whom were receiving such poor service that they would prefer to have their original ADSL broadband back.

Telstra says it has 50 percent NBN market share, wants more

Telstra this week said it had already taken a 50 percent market share of National Broadband Network customers and wanted to push to achieve even more, in news set to call into question controversial NBN decisions made by the Government and the ACCC meant to advance broadband competition.

Voice from the outer world: Five questions Simon Hackett should be asking NBN Co

That moment which many Australian technologists fervently hoped for but never expected to see has come to pass: Simon Hackett has been appointed to the board of the National Broadband Network Company. But what questions should the Internode founder be asking NBN Co's executive management team? Here's five ideas to start with.

FttX chaos: NBN Co won’t be able to price everything the same

If the Coalition orders NBN Co to pursue a heterogenuous National Broadband Network rollout which features different rollout styles from Fibre to the Premises, to the Node and to the Basement, the company will face a fundamentally new challenge: How to fairly set wholesale prices on technologies which are fundamentally different?

Coalition NBN plans lack detail, says iiNet

National broadband provider iiNet has published an extensive list of questions it still has regarding the Coalition's plans to alter Labor's National Broadband Network strategy, noting that details ranging from points of interconnect to who would build the network are still unknown, a month after the Federal Election.

It’s just plain wrong: A full refutation of the Coalition’s $94 billion Labor NBN...

Malcolm Turnbull has claimed on a number of occasions that nobody has stepped forward to refute the Coalition's $94 billion NBN costings. Well, Mr Turnbull: Challenge accepted. This article is that refutation.

$20,000 for 1Gbps: Turnbull’s Lateline lie

Malcolm Turnbull appears to have made a deliberate attempt to mislead the public about the cost of connecting to the National Broadband Network's upcoming 1Gbps fibre service, claiming on national television last night that such connections would cost "at least $20,000" a month, despite the fact that the Shadow Communications Minister is aware the cost is likely to be much less.

How important will NBN contention ratios be?

Will cheaper ISPs provide a degraded level of service on the NBN compared to 'premium' ISPs, through the use of poorer contention ratios? We'll look at both sides of the issue in this follow-up article on the future of retail ISP competition under the NBN.

Higher 100Mbps uptake will spur NBN price cuts

If Australians continue to buy 100Mbps NBN services at the current rate, it is likely that the real-world consumer cost of accessing the NBN will come down substantially over time, as the network will pay for its own construction much faster than the National Broadband Network Company had been anticipating.

Why NBN prices will be higher (by Malcolm Turnbull)

In this post, Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull responds to the claim that broadband pricing will not increase under Labor's National Broadband Network plan.

NBN policy spurred Internode buyout, says Hackett

Internode's inability to gain sufficient scale to compete in a National Broadband Network world was a core reason why he decided to sell the company to rival Internet service provider iiNet, Internode supremo Simon Hackett said this afternoon.

NBN Co releases final telco contract

The National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) has published the final executable version of its contract with retail telcos. The 12-month contract was drawn up after five iterations and extensive consultations with the industry.

Five alternatives to current NBN shaping models

As I’ve previously written, the concept of shaping users’ broadband speeds once they’ve exceeded their monthly quota, as currently proposed by ISPs, is an anachronism from the ADSL days which has been unsuitably ported into the fibre world of the National Broadband Network. So here’s five alternatives to current NBN shaping models.

Owning the mid-range: Internode chops NBN prices

National broadband provider Internode has substantially modified its National Broadband Network pricing on the eve of the launch of commercial services on the fledgling fibre infrastructure, cutting the prices on some of its plans and delivering extra options to customers in other areas.

A basic NBN Co revenue calculation: $1.73bn a year

Just how much revenue will NBN Co be making once it is finished rolling out its network? Michael Wyres has calculated the minimum case.

Internode hints at NBN pricing change

National broadband provider Internode has signalled it may consider changing its National Broadband Network pricing plans around the launch of commercial NBN services around October, in the wake of the release by rival iiNet this morning of plans that significantly undercut Internode's prices.

Opinion: Internode must slash its horrible NBN pricing

The release of iiNet's highly affordable National Broadband Network pricing this morning makes it as crystal clear as the view from Simon Hackett's glider that fellow ISP Internode must drastically slash its own prices or be left out of the NBN race altogether.

iiNet massively undercuts Internode’s NBN plans

National broadband provider iiNet this morning released its highly anticipated National Broadband Network pricing, undercutting plans released by arch-rival Internode by as much as half in some areas.

Why NBN ISPs won’t all perform the same

opinion This week, Exetel chief executive John Linton made the audacious claim that all ISPs reselling National Broadband Network services would deliver the exact same performance to customers. However, I believe the claim to be broadly wrong – and in this article I’ll attempt to demonstrate why.

NBN ISPs perform the same, says Linton

The outspoken chief executive of ISP Exetel has rejected claims that higher priced ISPs like Internode will be able to provide a better quality of network performance on the emerging National Broadband Network infrastructure, maintaining that all ISPs on the NBN will be offering an "identical" experience.

Undercutting Internode: Exetel reveals NBN prices

National ISP Exetel has published its first commercial prices for services on the National Broadband Network, significantly undercutting previous prices published by rival Internode, with the cheapest option starting at $34.50 a month and the most expensive topping out at $99.50.

Pulling apart the NBN’s untenable pricing model (by Simon Hackett)

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is the subject of promises from the government that consumers will pay comparable prices to current day ADSL2+ and phone service bundles in order to access entry level NBN based services, and that NBN based retail pricing will be nationally uniform. Unfortunately, a number of pressure points in the wholesale pricing model exist which will make these promises (from the government) untenable in practice, unless serious issues with the underlying pricing model are addressed by NBN Co and the ACCC.

NBN Co opens peace talks with Simon Hackett

NBN Co chief executive Mike Quigley today said his team had opened discussions with Simon Hackett over the Internode managing director's NBN pricing concerns, but stopped short of saying NBN Co would be able to address what Hackett has previously described as the company's "insane" pricing model.

Hackett rubbishes NBN Co’s ‘crystal ball gazing’

Internode managing director Simon Hackett has published an impassioned statement responding to the National Broadband Network Company’s attempts to explain its pricing model, accusing the fledgling fibre monopolist of “crystal ball gazing” with regard to its predictions of how much usage its network will see.

Pricing stoush: NBN Co Whirlpools its rationale

The National Broadband Network Company has published an extensive statement explaining its pricing rationale on broadband forum Whirlpool in an apparent attempt to comprehensively respond to continued strident criticism from industry luminaries Simon Hackett and Bevan Slattery about its model.

Internode had its chance to complain, says Conroy

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has pushed back against strident criticism of NBN Co's proposed pricing model by Internode managing director Simon Hackett, arguing the ISP had its chance to complain to the national competition regulator during its inquiry on the number of points of interconnect last year.

‘Insane’ NBN pricing will kill small ISPs: Hackett

Internode managing director Simon Hackett today described the National Broadband Network’s pricing model as “insane” for small internet service providers, warning that none will survive their walk through the “valley of death” transition from the current copper network to the fibre future envisioned by the Federal Government.

Internode warns: New PoI model could consolidate ISP industry

Simon Hackett on Sunday published a strident critique of the large number of Points of Interconnect (PoIs) model being promulgated by Australia’s larger telcos, instead backing NBN Co’s own minimalist vision. But what does the Internode chief think of the new model outlined by the Government yesterday, which mandates a number somewhere in between?