The Inside Track: New CVC model is NBN’s attempt to fix congestion issues


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  1. I suggest this is a clever move by the Liberals. To compensate for the reduced CVC revenue, AVC pricing will need to either rise or not fall (as planned by Labor). This means that faster plans will be more expensive driving down demand for faster speeds providing further justification for MTM.

    Higher AVC prices mean less people connecting to the NBN and connecting at slower speeds.

      • Why Mathew should people on FTTN pay the same Avc price as someone on FTTP when it cost cheaper to connect them. Are they in fact paying for people getting FTTP.

    • I can copy/paste too…

      “So let me get this straight Mathew…

      You believe it’s very clever by the “Liberals (not NBN™ *sigh*) the Liberals” – got it… to, if the demand for speeds are there, quash them and quash them now… to show shitty MTM is best?

      Seriously WTF… did you just support that?

      Oh you weren’t supporting it just sayin’? I see…

      Ok well in that case, tell us about the 4 year hold ups and almost tripling in price (to $70B according to the former Treasurer) of the “Liberals (see what I did there)” complete fuck up MTM plan, instead of harping on and on about one or two WGAF estimations from “Labor” (and see what I did there too) in 2010 then.

      Ata boy.

  2. Why are you limiting the discussion to FTTN when the same problems with congestion are also impacting FTTP?

  3. can concur, i get 2-3mbps at peak periods at night on FTTP 100mbps plan with iinet

    NBNco will only accept a fault after running 4 tests 3 times a day for 72 hours.


    • Not surprise, iiNet have usually been good with ADSL2+ exchanges where they have their own fibre, but the cheapskates don’t like paying for backhaul otherwise. They would also strenuously deny it. I remember Malone denying lack of backhaul, while his techs were calling me privately so they weren’t recorded to let me know he that iiNet had only provisioned minimal backhaul in that case. I guess the same goes for CVC. Not like it’s going to get better with TPG owning them.

      • Indeed Greg. That’s one of the strengths of the NBN model, multiple RSP’s on the same network…

        Shame the LPA didn’t think of that when they flogged Telstra off as a “free market” monopoly.

    • NBN has no such limitation. that’s something your ISP is imposing on you.

      ask your ISP to supply details of peak hour CVC utilisation to you to prove their CVC is not the cause of your issues. (protip – they won’t.) alternatively, go and ask someone else in your street (that uses a different ISP) if they have the same issues. (they won’t.)

      if your ISP is underprovisioning their CVC capacity, stop rewarding them with your business and churn.

  4. “Now what’s going to happen here is because there is no competition, because this is a government monopoly and because they are spending so much money so they’re overcapitalising it, inevitably prices are going to be high.” — Malcolm Turnbull, 1 February 2012.

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