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    • Legacy health software lands SA Govt in court doctor

      In which the South Australian Government comes up with complex legal arguments as to why it should be able to continue to use a 1980’s software package.

    • Microsoft wants to win you back with Windows 10 windows-10

      The latest version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system will begin rolling out from Wednesday (July 29). And remarkably, Windows 10 will be offered as a free upgrade to those users who already have Windows 7 and 8.1 installed.

  • Blog, Policy + Politics - Jul 31, 2015 12:43 - 0 Comments

    Google ploughs $1m into Australian tech education


    blog Good news from the Googleplex this morning. Google Australia has decided to take some of the hard-earned money that it’s been piping through Singapore to avoid paying tax in Australia and decided to plough it back into directly funding the development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills in Australia. You can find the full details on the search giant’s Australian blog here. Here’s a few choice quotes from Google Australia’s managing director Maile Carnegie and engineering director Alan Noble:

    “Australia is not keeping up with demand when it comes to graduates in fields like computer science, and when we look at girls, Indigenous Australians, and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, that picture is even worse.

    That’s why we will work with three Australian not-for-profits to introduce and inspire 10,000 underrepresented students to careers in science, technology, engineering and maths. These landmark partnerships will put to use $1 million in cash grants from Google.org to deliver hands-on training and career programs that will reach these underrepresented groups.”

    Your writer believes this effort by Google is laudable. It’s great to see technology multinationals directly funding educational initiatives and giving back to the community. However, we also remain a bit cynical about the whole deal. What would be better — $1 million in educational donations, or the $130 million a year in corporate tax that the Sydney Morning Herald estimates Google is removing from Australia’s tax coffers due to exploiting tax loopholes? We know which we’d rather have. Continue…

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    Blog, Enterprise IT - Jul 31, 2015 14:16 - 1 Comment

    Legacy health software lands SA Govt in court


    blog Those of you who have been following State Government IT news for some time may be aware that not all systems in this area are kept (even vaguely) up to date. But what you may not realise is that some are so old they are starting to lead to lawsuits. Global Health, which owns a company called Working Systems Software, recently announced it was suing the South Australian Government to stop it using the ageing platform, which Global Health appears to want everyone off pronto. The company’s media release states:

    “Working Systems claims breaches of contract and infringements of copyright by the State, arising from the State’s continuing use of the CHIRON Patient Administration System software and HARMONY Financial System software (collectively, CHIRON) beyond 31 March 2015, as outlined in the Company’s abovementioned previous announcements. Working Systems seeks relief by way of damages, declarations and a permanent injunction restraining the State from continuing to use CHIRON.”

    The Adelaide advertiser has a bit more, noting that the South Australian Government has been the last customer of the software since 2008 — seven years ago. Global Health cannot keep supporting the software any more — but the South Australian Government has not yet been able to organise a replacement, leading to the current Mexican stand-off where SA is claiming that it has Crown-related copyright exemptions to continue to use the system. Continue…

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    Industry, News - Jul 28, 2015 12:37 - 0 Comments

    ICAC to investigate NSW TAFE ICT manager

    A group of five australian dollar banknotes fanned out and curved on an isolated white background

    Note: The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption yesterday issued the following statement in relation to hearings it plans to undertake. As per Delimiter’s standard practice, this statement is re-published verbatim with the individual’s name and the name of their company removed. No comments will be allowed on this post.

    statement The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) will hold a public inquiry starting on 17 August 2015 as part of an investigation it is conducting into allegations that a TAFE ICT manager dishonestly obtained over $1.7 million from the Department of Education and Communities TAFE South West Sydney Institute (SWSI).

    The public inquiry will examine allegations that, between January 2014 and July 2014, Acting Manager TAFE ICT (information and communication technology) Services [name] dishonestly exercised his public official duties to obtain a financial advantage of more than $1.7 million for himself from SWSI by authorising false purchase orders, supplying false invoices to SWSI and dishonestly authorising payment of those invoices to his own business, [name]. Continue…

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    Consumer Tech, News - Jul 29, 2015 17:14 - 11 Comments

    Telstra integrates Netflix, Stan, Presto into re-badged Roku box


    news The nation’s largest telco Telstra today revealed it will launch a Telstra-branded version of the popular Roku TV streaming device to Australians, as the telco struggles to ensure its over-the-top services remain relevant in a next-generation viewing world which increasingly appears to be dominated by the likes of US giant Netflix.

    In a post on its Exchange site, Telstra head of IPTV and Pay TV Eric Kearley noted that the re-badged Roku 2 device — which Telstra will sell as “Telstra TV” — would aggregate a number of TV streaming platforms for use by Telstra customers, including Foxtel’s Presto, Netflix, and Telstra’s BigPond Movies service.

    A selection of catch-up free to air TV services will be available when the device launches in September, and the Stan platform will also be supported “later this year”.

    “Australians have enthusiastically embraced video streaming as an entertainment platform and Telstra TV will differentiate Telstra as a provider of streaming content,” Joe Pollard, Telstra GMD Media and Marketing said in a separate statement. “Rather than restrict our customers’ choices, we want to host all the popular streaming video services on our platforms and make it easy for them to get all the content they want in the one place.” Continue…

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