The Frustrated State: Thank you to key supporters


As you may be aware, Renai has recently published his first book.

Entitled: The Frustrated State: How terrible tech policy is deterring digital Australia, the book is the first in-depth examination of how Australia’s political sector is systematically mismanaging technological change and crushing hopes that our nation will ever take its rightful place globally as a digital powerhouse and home of innovation.

The book has been distributed to Kickstarter backers, and will shortly be made available more widely for purchase.

The publication of The Frustrated State would not have been possible without the following individuals and organisations, who directly contributed $75 or more each to the book during its successful Kickstarter campaign. As part of that Kickstarter campaign, Renai pledged to thank these individuals on Delimiter. Their names are also published on a dedicated page of The Frustrated State.

Many of these individuals were already known to Renai through his journalist work and his prior career. Others came out of the woodwork to support Renai when he needed it most. Renai thanks them all for their support. They are:

Josh Stewart, John Dalton, Joseph Miller, Aaron Theodore, William James Boakes Murphy, Samuel Wittwer, Mark White, Rhys, Nick Bannon, Amit Kuckreja, Chris Knight, Dom Stevens, Jeff Petre, Ray Herring, Stephen Collins, Owen Kelly, Lachlan McEachran, Jodi Blackmore, Andrew Donnellan, Voltagex, Andrew Bishop, Kalanyr, Catherine, Nick Coghlan, Brendan Forster, Paris Buttfield-Addison, Cuinn Wylie, Michael Bowe, Liam Svenson, Erin Turner, Guy Thomas, Peter Sandilands, Anthony Eales, Travis Winters, Peter, Alan Jones, Ian Fletcher, Simo, Craig Thomler, Paul D, Trevor Speering, Sean Bodor, Warren Schaeche, Nick Ross, Charles Gutjahr, Morgan Elliott-Smith, Stephen Dredge, Steph Hinds, John Slee, Hilary Cinis, Andrew, David Peterson, Steven Clark, Michael Devey, Charlie Somerville, Warwick, Christopher Angus, Mike Smith, Natali Vlatko, RocK_M, David Cooper, Sura Novi, Jethro, Alex Roberts, Andy Bright, Pru Quinlan, Jacob Kelly, Samuel Lowrey, Ethan, NPSF3000, Michael Harris, James Eunson, Duncan, Mark, Katherine Sainty, Donna Benjamin, MickeyP, Brent Varischetti, Daniel Beilin, Richard W, Mark Turnbull, Charles Gregory, Ian Birks, Wayne Suffield, Rob, Chris Adamson, Munksaway, Steve Bittinger, Alexander Mossman, Arjan Roseboom, Shaun Ewing, Colin Jacobs, Kieran Simpson, Indra Talip, Brenda Moon, Alex Brak, Paul Brooks, Hourann Bosci, Paul Crawford, Peter, David, Beck Stuart, David Austin, Daniel Myles, Robert, Gary McLaren, Gary Barber, Alan Perkins, Bill Robertson, Elizabeth Stark, Josh, Cassandra Scott, Rohan Latimer, Vlad Lasky and the Systems Administrators’ Guild of Australia.

Thank you one and all.