1. Sure, there will be some contacts and locations to do with the job that should be kept confidential.

    I’m certain there are other locations and contacts that are associated with work that he’s worried about. You know, ‘girls’ and meetings where business trades for political favors.

  2. Weren’t we promised a more transparent, Libertarian Government?

    Instead we have less transparency than ever and Big brother now tracking us all!

    • Yes you were. And youse got what you were promised. Well, at least it’s not Laborious. And as for “transparency”, youse have that as well: youse can see straight through us, which should tell you we have nothing that needs a better job of covering up. Whaddaya want for Bob’s sake? Democracy? Isn’t compulsory voting enough for youse? Gah! Next you’ll want first-past-the-post elections! After all we’ve done for youse, keeping you safe from illegals and boaties!

    • Aren’t we promised that, by both parties, at every election?

      If you believe that (or even believe that they feel shame at mouthing the same promise over and over without ever intending to honour it), I have a bridge to sell you…

      Not that it’s not important to be indignant about the lack of transparency even as Brandis champions more invasions of our privacy, but pointing out that governments are hypocrites is kinda stating the obvious. That’s their default mode.

  3. You would think he would have been smart enough of expecting to snoop on the Australian public that he would have already prepared a metadata segment to set an example. but then they still dont know what they wont kepted

  4. I think that the point of the whole request was to paint Brandis as a hypocrite. He may be a buffoon, he may be a dangerous ignoranus – but I don’t think this request really paints him as a hypocrite. I could be wrong, but this is what I understand:
    His data retention policies are not about him and his buddies having open slather to everyone’s metadata. There are caveats and rules as to how and when the data retention policies will allow metadata to be accessed. The refusal to hand Brandis’s metadata over is consistent with his policy. So there is no inconsistency there. However, it does highlight that metadata is not a trivial, meaningless thing (as has occasionally been suggested).

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