1. Why do they need access to it?

    If they do have a legitimate need to access it, surely they can get that access like you say, with a warrant.

    If they cannot get a warrant, they clearly do not have a sufficient reason to need access to it.

    • But that’s the problem with the metadata laws already agencies that already have access don’t need a warrant

  2. Racing is the one of the leading methods to launder money, that could be one of the reasons.

    • But if they have suspicions of money laundering, surely they can get a warrant…. Thats kind of the point, unfettered access to metadata isnt needed by anyone.

  3. My guess would be that they want to fish for patterns that are similar to money laundering.

  4. Let’s look on the positive side. OK positives… any ideas?

    I mean, I guess the more access they give to every little department the more likely the whole thing will get torn down?

    • Indeed it won’t take long for some bureaucratic idiot with a grudge or a fetish to start looking at stuff they shouldn’t. The trick will be catching them and proving it. Which of course as the oversight of this appears to be “fuck all”, will no doubt be difficult.

  5. Why should racing ministers have the same rights as AFP and asio.? An independent body should be responsible for monitoring corruption inside that industry – I believe it more likely that they want to monitor the general public – the general public that oppose jumps racing and greyhound racing. I thought Australia was a democracy? – Very UnAustralian.

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