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    I dont get how we’re allowing this to go ahead.
    Maybe its the consumerization of big data.

    Encrypt everything. and don’t use cloud services for anything you don’t want read.

  2. Thousands of requests today, but if judicial oversight is granted this might dwindle to only hundreds or even tens of legal requests.. the only thing it will slow down is that random harvesting of private data.. if the data is actually needed then a warrant will be granted. This is really just a case of damning society to enable discovery.. sorry the rest of us have to work in our jobs, you can too.

  3. If police officers and government officials find it too tedious to obey the law, imagine how everyone else must feel about it.

  4. Government looks after the cops. The cops look after government.

    Same old, same old.

  5. At least with a warrant system, there is some form of trail some oversight into the number, purpose and circumstances relating to each request. I don’t know if that information is accurately being kept at this stage. Their is also state owned number plate tracking cameras in operation on highways, does this extend to the location of where purchases were made? It surely is a black hole as to exactly how far privacy has been eroded. It cant be good if even the illusion of privacy is failing.

  6. “I continually find it impossible to understand why it’s only minority political groups such as the Greens, Wikileaks and the Pirate Party, which demonstrate a strong interest in protecting the privacy rights of Australians and protecting the over-reach of the growing surveillance state.”

    … and Malcolm Turnbull in this instance. Dunno if his party agrees with what he’s doing though.

  7. Australia’s Federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has made the extraordinary declaration that Australian law enforcement in Australia “would grind to a halt” if police officers and other law enforcement agents were forced to apply for a warrant every time they wanted to access Australians’ telecommunications data.

    Perhaps if they limited the requests from “wanted” to “needed”….

  8. Law enforcement “would grind to a halt” if the government didn’t say things like not saying if we don’t spy on you law enforcement “will grind to a halt”

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