1. Unbelievable that privacy can mean so little to governments (State, local and Federal) that they’d like to sidestep access controls to it en masse. Big Brother is being born before our eyes.

    • Every politician in Canberra is a blood sucking arsehole who doesn’t give a shit about the Australian people.

      LNP – arsehole fucks.
      Labor – total shit dickheads.
      Greens – ?? Not relevant when LNP fuck plus Labor Fuck team up. ,

    • You would think they would at least wait another year or 2 when no one is watching to try

  2. Shi… If the RSPCA accessed my wives metadata they would spam my home computer with non stop
    “Adopt this poor little puppy right now!” “this kitten needs your adoption!”
    I’d come home to a hundred animals!
    On the serious side, we knew this was going to happen didn’t we?
    So now we wait for a hacker to hack a certain one of these 61 agencies that is less likely to have security set in place and watch out data disappear into the wide web.

    • Soth
      It’s not the hackers I am worried about. I remember a report years ago with the police force when there internal system went live. There was an pic of a model on a car and the number plates got access a lot. So when you upset someone that can have access to your metadata without a warrant what potential damage could be caused.

  3. Taxi Services Commission (Victoria)

    Oh great news for Rider sharing drivers. Your metadata and location could be relayed to taxi drivers

    National Measurement

    Why the fuck do they need access? To measure something?

    Queensland Building and Construction Commission

    Great my bricklayer has access to my metadata and warrentless access

  4. I had to look up the “National Measurement Institute.” For a moment I imagined a Saturnine clique of elderly gents who were employed to look at my metadata.
    “This metadata is truly fit for our penal colony”.
    “Yes. The measurement required needs our exact science.”

    In reality the “National Measurement Institute” at http://www.measurement.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx needs my metadata. How can I deny them all of my metadata when jaundice demands it: http://www.measurement.gov.au/Pages/Scientists-shine-light-on-jaundice-treatment.aspx

    In fact if the National Measurement Institute does not have my metadata Australians everywhere will turn a sickly state of yellow. Such vital national interest! A warrant can not be allowed to obstruct this breakthrough medical science!

  5. I HATE people who dump their rubbish and old furniture in our street. Catching these people and fining them is what Bankstown Council are using the data for. Seems pretty legit to me?

    Similarly I imagine the RSPCA are using the data to catch people who are dumping/killing greyhounds and other animals.


    BANKSTOWN Council is standing by its seldom-used power to retrieve residents’ mobile phone data in the pursuit of illegal dumpers.

    Bankstown is one of a number of councils across Australia that has the power, although a council spokesman said it was an “infrequent occurrence”.

    Council issued 120 fines for illegal dumping last year, compared with four authorisations for the seizure of telecommunications data, known as metadata.

    In 2011, the council was recognised as an enforcement agency under the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979.

    This allows the council to make authorisations for metadata seizure.

    “If required, the council then uses telecommunication data to assist in identifying the (illegal dumping) offenders,” the spokesman said.

    However, Australian Privacy Council chairman Roger Clarke said in the media last week he was concerned such powers had been given to local councils.

    • Bankstown City Council loves you!
      Even if you’ve never gone to Bankstown
      Your metadata is still just the best
      which is why they still need it
      to see if you go to Bankstown Beach and bear your breasts
      [psst I don’t know if there is a Bankstown Beach.]

      You could be coming to Bankstown
      In a Combi with Colin Hay
      so your metadata is needed
      to see if you will bring friends who are gay

      Bankstown they need to know your IP addresses
      Who knows what you might do
      You could someday come to Bankstown
      and park your car too long before you are through

      Bankstown still loves you
      even if you don’t know where it is
      You and your metadata
      Bankstown knows that you listen to Bucks Fizz

    • None of those situations you have described need warrantless access to metadata. If Bankstown Council has probable cause to track down people illegally dumping in their area? Let them take it to a court and get a warrant for said metadata.

    • > I HATE people who dump their rubbish and old furniture in our street. Catching these people and fining them is what Bankstown Council are using the data for. Seems pretty legit to me?

      Thanks for your passive conversation

      what the concern is warrentless access to data and breech of privacy

    • “Catching these people and fining them is what Bankstown Council are using the data for. Seems pretty legit to me?”
      Absolutely should be warranted. In that they should absolutely require a warrant for that.

  6. Criminal details and their associates are contained within this metadata. Relations are easily tracked and privacy is powerful.

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