1. It’s Mark Dreyfus, a gutless, cowardly, mediocre excuse for public life. Paid to be a professional arguer – a lawyer – yet here he is silent.

    So it’s all down to my VPN and me. I will name my VPN Woodrow. My VPN is a hungry dog who doesn’t like these privacy-invading SOBS coming near my internet.

  2. The only way I can see some of these Big-brother laws being repealed is if the ALP and Green’s are forced to combine again to form Government – I cant see that happening again anytime soon tho.

    Bit of a shame too as I think the Gillard-Brown Gov was one of the best we ever had despite the constant howls from the Murdoch dominated press and persistent attempts by them and the Liberal’s to bring the government down.

      • It’s the home truth –

        give a politician power and the people never, ever get it back.

        This country is fucked by the most incompetent crop of politicians in my lifetime.

    • By far the most prosperous time Australia witnessed in the last 20 years.

      Now if only everybody would vote #LibLabLast and we might have a chance of seeing that again. Buuut… this is the Australian public we’re talking about here.

  3. Oh I bow to you Dreyfus the Silent!
    You are mighty! You are powerful oh great one!
    You are all knowing and all wise. Even my metadata is known to you.

  4. If every voter in Australia was granted access to the metadata perhaps Brandis and Dreyfus would get the point

    • well just their two specific set of meta data. That said there’s 61 organisations worth of people that do or will probably have access to that very soon! (where’s deepthroat when ya need him)!

    • @j if all Australians were grant access to Dreyfus and Brandis’ metadata I’m confident they’d quickly get the point;-)

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