Telstra offshores 34 Tasmanian jobs


blog Your writer can’t imagine that it’s easy working at Telstra. Although Australia’s biggest telco has an extensive workforce with many career opportunities, it also conducts regularly redundancy rounds as part of its ongoing drive to become more efficient and cut costs. One of those rounds has hit Tasmania today, with Telstra confirming that 34 jobs in total will go from the Apple Isle. And where will they go? Offshore. The ABC reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

In a statement, acting area general manager Stuart Mitchell said back-of-house roles would be cut in a bid to remove duplication. “Telstra already has a number of functions that are performed by partners overseas,” he said. “One of these partners already performs similar work to the roles we are talking about.”

Perhaps the workers can pick up work with Vodafone instead — which has had a focus on onshoring jobs in recent years, including a huge call centre located in Tasmania. Telstra, unfortunately, appears to be going in the opposite direction.

Image credit: Telstra


  1. NBN needs copper linesmen, and since Tassies not getting full fibre anymore I guess they could retrain and work for MTM!

    Now we just need an Australia wide ubiquitous Tech infrastructure to attract all the hi-tech stuff here since we’re losing the low tech advantage.

  2. Funny how the article fails to mention that in the past year over 100 staff have been employed locally in Tasmania in Telstra’s call center with more to come……

  3. I heard the entire Call Centre in Perth is shutting down early next year plus close to 200 agency (contracter) jobs in the Townsville Call Centre as well.

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