Telstra shifts jobs to India


Multiple outlets are reporting Telstra’s confirmation today that it may shift up to 300 jobs to India. The story, of course, was broken by iTNews several days ago, which reported the figure at 200 jobs. Today we got a fresh new round of detail, with the AustralianIT placing the figure at 300 and the outsourcers being Tata Consulting Services and IBM India. has followed up with further confirmation.

Telstra hasn’t previously been that partial to shifting jobs offshore, but it looks like that preference may be gradually breaking down as the company becomes leaner and meaner. Earlier this year its new chief executive David Thodey wouldn’t rule out some call centre jobs going offshore as the telco shifted to a 24 hour support model. And we can’t blame him, with the price the Indians charge. ANZ Bank, of course, has had a massive Indian facility for years, and local IT services firm Oakton opened a new and expanded office in India two weeks ago.

The irony, of course, is that many of those India IBM workers which will now be servicing Telstra might actually only have their jobs because Big Blue itself was planning to shift quite a few jobs to India last year, according to unions.

Image credit: abcdz2000, royalty free


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