Transformer Pad Infinity lands Aug 7


blog I know quite a few of you have been holding your tablet cash in reserve waiting for ASUS’ Transformer Pad Infinity, and who can blame you? With a 1920×1200 resolution 10.1″ screen, a Tegra 3 quad-core CPU at 1.6GHz, SonicMaster sound and, of course, that quality dock/keyboard combo, it has looked for some time as if the Infinity will be this year’s King of Android tablets. And now a number of media outlets have the goss on when the device will hit Australia. Android Authority reports:

“Today, ASUS Australia sent out press invites for an August 7 event dedicated to the launch of the Transformer Pad Infinity TF700.”

There’s also further details at Gizmodo Australia. For our own part, we believe this will indeed be a very strong tablet in Australia, based on our recent review of the Infinity’s little brother, the Transformer Pad TF300T. Now if only ASUS could get us a review model sometime before August 7, we’d know for sure (and we’d be eternally grateful). Hello? ASUS? Are you listening? Is this thing even on? ;)

Image credit: ASUS


  1. Lol….keep trying Renai :D

    I’m very disappointed with the pricing here- $999 for the tablet and dock, 64Gb?? I can buy a decent Laptop for that! AND that’s the only choice we get!

    I’ll be buying it through Portagadgets I think. I get the choice of 32Gb and it’s only $750 shipped. Including the Dock.

    I relise you can’t really compare, because one has a touchscreen and is much thinner, lighter etc. But still, $1000 for a tablet?

    Dream on ASUS- Or do the right thing and be one of the few companies that actually has price parity for hardware in Australia.

    • 7_T is right on the money here – with Apple essentially introducing price parity across its range in Australia other vendors are hard pressed to justify the ridiculous markups that persist on competing products. While RRP is obviously much higher, I have access to wholesale pricelists from the largest distributors in this country and wholesale prices on these products are higher than retail in the US.

      • Stupidest thing is Trevor, Australian retailers will lose thousands of sales of the Infinity….and blame it on the grey import market, rather than accepting the fact that what they are charged wholesale and then what they pass on as retail are unacceptably high. Instead of fighting the REASON grey imports take business away….they fight grey imports by asking for what amounts to free-trade restrictions from the government.

        I can’t remember if submissions to the Tech Price Inquiry are still open….but this would be a perfect example…

        • Precisely. Unfortunately the problem isn’t quite as simple as that – reseller & retailer margins are astronomical here – everyone expects to buy a new house off every sale. Australian greed and sense of entitlement is endemic & the true source of the lions share of the problem, but you can’t get away with saying [b]that[/b] in this country! It’s apparently un-Australian to suggest that other Australians may be the reason we’re all being screwed..

        • Actually, interestingly, it is the absence of free trade that has caused this problem in the first place. If suppliers could compete freely across geographic regions without restriction that competition would naturally eliminate these price disparities. But there is no legal restriction on vendors and distributors signing exclusivity agreements, granting them a local monopoly on that brand’s products, which is then backed up by ‘region locking’ within the EULA, limiting use, resale, operation and warranty to the region in which it was sold in / designed for.

          Isn’t it interesting that proponents for ‘free trade’ only want governments to relax rules and oversight to reduce their barriers to entry into foreign markets, yet they want to be able to impose their own barriers to free trade without restriction…

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