Communications Minister grows glorious beard over Christmas


blog If there was ever any doubt about the manliness of Communications Minister Mitch Fifield, let that doubt be dispelled right now. This morning it was revealed that the Liberal Senator grew what Delimiter can only describe as a glorious beard over Christmas.

Senator Fifield’s beard effort — achieved in less than two months since the Senate had its final Sitting Day of the year on 3 December, appears to eclipse similar efforts revealed this month by fellow tech-focused MPs such as Wyatt Roy and Ed Husic. Chris Bowen also revealed an admirable effort on last night’s episode of 7:30, but didn’t quite reach the levels that Fifield was able to with his stellar effort.




Delimiter has also been sent a photo by Victorian Minister for Small Business, Innovation & Trade, Philip Dalidakis, although again, Fifield’s effort would appear to have Dalidakis beat, with the Victorian Minister’s effort appearing to be little more than a few days’ growth.


Image credit (Fifield): Screenshot by Alice Workman of Sky News coverage, believed to be covered under fair dealing


  1. Keep them growing fellas! Makes you look more distinguished. Now if only we could get a bearded PM next…

  2. ‘But you’ll never get a real FTTP NBN. Not by the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin.’ bleated the billie goat.

  3. Didn’t you write just the other day that you have a thick skin? Deleting my comment and censoring those with dissenting views tends to demonstrate the opposite…

    • hey mate,

      you went on a rant about masculinity on a jovial post about the beards of our tech MPs. It was inappropriate and off-topic.

      Sorry — but this is a light-hearted post and should be treated as such.

  4. Hmm, unfortunately hard to see anything light hearted with what these fuckers have done, and continue to do, to telecommunications in this country. Is the fuzz copper coloured? Can’t tell from the photo.

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