The first pictures of our new Communications Minister gloriously holding a fibre cable have arrived


With an additional picture (see below) of Minister Fifield next to what appears to be a brand-spanking new Fibre to the Node cabinet. The other gentleman is Liberal MP Andrew Laming. The photos were taken at Redland Bay in Queensland, according to Fifield.


Image credit: Office of Mitch Fifield


  1. So why do you need HiVis vests on the sidewalk? Did i miss something? Do i need to grab mine from work (where there is actual danger of being run over by forklifts/trucks/etc) to simply walk down the street? dafuq

    • Basically, they saw the vests in the van and thought would be cute. Almost as cute as that big box that’s planted outside that nice house, extremely close to their wall. Guess they can have a difficult time painting their wall when the node becomes a graffiti magnet.

    • Considering he’s not wearing one on the street with the cable out of the back of that NBN van I’d say its for show only or corporate branding (because that would be one instance it probably should be worn as he’s roadside with potential for passing traffic).

  2. I like the way all these coalition clown publicity stunts always make a point to hold and highlight the fibre even though that is not what most customers will be getting.

  3. Thanks Gents. Now I can see within a few mm exactly where I’d need to push a cordless drill to open one of those up and steal the batteries. Because they’re only worth what, $800-$1000 each?

  4. Hmm…might be able to go off grid soon thanks to an endless source of free batteries.

    • I’m just waiting for the news of a grow house or otherwise shut down by police powered by NBN batteries :D

  5. In all fairness, those FTTN cabs are fairly modestly sized compared to the double-fridge sized ones in the UK.

    Doesn’t change the fact that it is outdated and will be obsolete before it’s finished

  6. Oh it could be worse but that’s no reason to celebrate either. I guarantee you those initial cabinets have been rather judiciously placed too to minimise their street impact (you can see in that picture the other T$ infrastructure much close to the corner/front of that property). I’d suggest that placement will decline rather badly once the contractors on a budget have to start doing things for real and there isn’t a need for a photo opp in front of them.

  7. I hope that NBN Co realise that their FTTN/fraudband is a woftam once they’ve installed several cabinets.

    One can dream.

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