Delimiter Membership Christmas special: 15% off (limited stock of 30)


hi everyone,

Renai here. Hope your week is going well and you’re winding down towards Christmas!

Sadly, things in the Delimiter bunker are still extremely busy … there is a lot happening in Australia’s technology sector right now, so we have to stay on our toes ;)

I just wanted to publish a quick post to let readers know that we have just launched a brief Christmas discount special on Delimiter site Memberships. Normally they cost $129 per year, but we’re taking 15 percent off for a brief window this month, bringing the cost down to $109.65.

The only caveat is that stocks are limited — we’re only offering 30 Memberships at this discounted rate. We’ve already seen very strong support for the Memberships so far, so we suspect this Christmas special will be popular — best to get in quick if you’re interested.

To get the discount, click here to sign up as a Delimiter Member, insert ITSGETTINGHOT in the coupon field and then click ‘Apply Coupon’ before submitting the order.

Note: Membership is auto-renewing after 12 months, and the discount only applies to the first year. You can cancel the auto-renewal at any time.

What do you get with membership?

Every week Delimiter publishes dozens of articles about Australia’s technology scene. The basic daily news — which you can find on any site — you can read for free. But only members get access to our premium content: Three ongoing columns which Delimiter publishes on a regular basis. They are as follows:


In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Truth is a regular column for Delimiter Members which does nothing more than call a spade a spade. That’s too much for some people, but then they would probably prefer their news a little more … limited.


The Inside Track is a regular column for Delimiter Members which goes behind the scenes to provide exclusive access to an Australian technology issue using information not available to the public. If you don’t read it … you won’t be on the inside track.


Devil’s Advocate is a regular column for Delimiter Members which wildly explores unlikely or unpopular ideas in Australia’s technology scene for the sake of the argument, attempting to keep an open mind in the process. We’re probably wrong … but what if we’re not?

To access these columns — one of which is published almost every day — you’ll need to be a member. Plus we’ll throw in a digital copy of Renai’s upcoming book: The Frustrated State: How terrible tech policy is deterring digital Australia — scheduled to be published in May 2016.

Thanks to the many people who have signed up as a Member so far — we have big plans to deliver some amazing content in 2016 :D More opinion, more analysis, and more insider exclusive access :)

Happy Christmas and enjoy the rest of the week!

Renai LeMay
Editor + Publisher, Delimiter


  1. Hey, I’d like to know if you’ve considered allowing month-by-month payments.

    A single one-off payment of $129 (I’d never be able to afford the discounted price at this time of year!) is overwhelming. But I am able to handle doing $10-$15 a month. I’d love to know if this has been considered!

    • I have looked at a monthly model, and a lot of readers have asked for it. In fact, prompted by reader enquiries, I examined the model last night again! :)

      However, unfortunately a monthly model just doesn’t make sense for Delimiter … the administration is a pain and the modelling (as well as past experience with Delimiter 2.0) show that the vast majority of people prefer a yearly model.

      I will continue to examine the case for a monthly model, but right now the yearly model is proving popular and is doing very well. Because of all of these facts, there is little incentive to shift to a monthly model right now.

      • Yeah but Delimiter 2.0 was $89. That is substantially less than $129.

        I think you might find at this price point a monthly rate will have more appeal.

        Also note Christmas specials for non present related stuff don’t work too well. I don’t know about anyone else, but I tend to have LESS money at christmas. 2 kids, both with Birthdays around christmas. So I get 2 bdays and chrissy all in one pay.. YAY

        • I take your point. What price point do you think a monthly model would work at?

          In terms of the Christmas special, I’ve already had quite a few people take it up already this morning — I expect it to sell out relatively rapidly :)

          • They clearly managed the birthing of their children better than me ;-)

            I was reading a comment in the other article about people buying 1 month and cancelling. You make a solid point about that.

            Might I suggest then longer terms, For example 6 months.

            I think $129 is a bit high overall, but I appreciate you need to eat. :-)

            The big problem for me personally is that $129 at any one point is a difficult sum to come to terms with.
            $65 on the other hand… That is doable. Even if it is only for 6 months.

          • “Might I suggest then longer terms, For example 6 months.”

            You just broke my brain. I think I may need to do this. I had been stuck with one month or one year thinking.

            But you’re one hundred percent right — six month plans or something similar may help resolve the impasse. I will look into this tonight.

            Much appreciated for breaking me out of my in the box limited thinking!

          • Buying one month and canceling isn’t that bad is it? This tech journalism isn’t exactly like writing novels – the value of the content is highest when it is released, and as time goes on the value decreases. If I pay $15 for a month’s access then I go and read all the articles from the last year, did you lose $114? No, you wouldn’t have had that $114 to begin with. Anyone who can afford a yearly subscription will clearly do so as the cost of $129 is far lower than $180 on a monthly basis. Being afraid of a monthly subscriber getting the last 12 months of content for $15 is counter productive to the probably thousands of monthly subscribers that would not be doing that.

            Arguably, the most value from old articles comes from the informed reader base making large amounts of comments. This reader base isn’t going to hang around long if they can’t afford to do so.

            I can see people such as UG who were massive contributors to the site not commenting anymore instead saying they can’t afford $129 up front and won’t be commenting any more. I have seen a few others, Woolfe included, who make great contributions through their involvement. I’ll be sad to see people like that leaving the site.

        • yes, and D2 had a monthly option as well. I couldn’t really afford $89 back then either. I certainly can’t afford $129 now. $9.95 a month ($120 a year) was affordable though, even $15 a month, $180 a year, more than double the cost of the yearly sub would have been plenty affordable.

      • I too would prefer a month-to-month option, the problem with a yearly one is as it says, you have no choice, once you are paid up for the year you better continue utilising the service, at least with month to month I can look at it and say ‘I’m a bit strapped for cash right now, will let it lapse this month but might see about next month’.

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