New six monthly and concession Membership options, plus PayPal


hi all,

hope you’re having a great New Year so far!

I have largely recovered from the flu earlier this week and am now working away madly :D

Just wanted to drop readers a quick note to let you know that I have responded to reader demand and added additional payment options to become a Delimiter Member and access all of our premium content.

Along with our yearly $129 option, we now also offer a $75 six monthly option. In addition, I have also added a 20 percent discount coupon for full-time students or pensioners, which can be applied to either plan. I’ve also added PayPal as a payment option, alongside our existing secure credit card payments platform, Stripe.

Since we launched the site memberships in September last year, we’ve seen very strong uptake of our $129 yearly memberships. However, I know that this option won’t meet the needs of all readers. The $75 six monthly option aims to meet the needs of readers who want to make a smaller up-front payment, while I know that some of our student and pensioner readers will welcome the 20 percent concession discount.

The $75 six monthly plan is higher than the $129 plan on an annualised basis; this is to take account of increased payment processing charges as well as to incentivise readers to invest in annual plans.

I have examined in detail the potential to offer a monthly payment plan. However, unfortunately the economics of such an offering do not stack up in terms of Delimiter’s finances. I apologise to readers for this.

To receive the concession discount, apply the coupon code “DLCONCESSION” during checkout and then send photo evidence of your eligibility (we will respect your privacy) via Delimiter’s secure contact form.

What do you get with membership?

Every week Delimiter publishes dozens of articles about Australia’s technology scene. The basic daily news — which you can find on any site — you can read for free. But only members get access to our premium content: Three ongoing columns which Delimiter publishes on a regular basis. They are as follows:


In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Truth is a regular column for Delimiter Members which does nothing more than call a spade a spade. That’s too much for some people, but then they would probably prefer their news a little more … limited.


The Inside Track is a regular column for Delimiter Members which goes behind the scenes to provide exclusive access to an Australian technology issue using information not available to the public. If you don’t read it … you won’t be on the inside track.


Devil’s Advocate is a regular column for Delimiter Members which wildly explores unlikely or unpopular ideas in Australia’s technology scene for the sake of the argument, attempting to keep an open mind in the process. We’re probably wrong … but what if we’re not?

To access these columns — one of which is published almost every day — you’ll need to be a member. Plus we’ll throw in a digital copy of Renai’s upcoming book: The Frustrated State: How terrible tech policy is deterring digital Australia — scheduled to be published in May this year.

Thanks to the many people who have signed up as a Member so far — we have big plans to deliver some amazing content in 2016 :D More opinion, more analysis, and more insider exclusive access :)


Renai LeMay
Editor + Publisher, Delimiter


  1. Still needs a month by month option, sadly I will just have to rely on only the free articles, loved the Delimiter 2.0 with its monthly payment options.

  2. Thanks for 6 month option with pensioner discount.
    This is extremely tempting. I know at some point I’ll subscribe.
    There have been several articles that I really wanted to read.

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