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hi everyone,

Renai here. Hope your week is going well!

It’s supposed to be a public holiday here in Canberra, but Labor decided to launch its new NBN policy this morning … so unfortunately I am working hard ;)

This afternoon I have good news, bad news and great news for you.

All in the one article.

As you may have realised, things are now getting serious in the Federal Election campaign.

I think it’s safe to say that the Election has been relatively boring so far. However, with the lazy first half of the campaign over, Australia’s political parties are finally gearing up to launch their main policies — to make their serious pitch to be elected. We’ve just heard from Labor on its new NBN policy, and we’re about to hear a lot more.

Everything is about to get more intense from here in the run up to the election date on 2 July.

The good news is that Delimiter is going to get more intense as well.

Over the next three weeks, not only will Delimiter be covering the major tech-related policy launches (hello, NBN) in detail, but we’ll also be publishing a whole range of other thought-provoking election pieces on a daily basis.

I’ve done a great amount of brainstorming over the past couple of days, and I think I have some very interesting articles lined up for you. Pieces that will inform and enlighten you — and also pieces that will make you think, and question your assumptions about technology projects and policy.

The bad news is that to access this in-depth content, you’ll need to become a Delimiter Member. I know, money’s tight, right? How could you do this to us, Renai?!

Well, I need to eat as well ;)

The great news to help mitigate the cost is that we’ve just launched a 15% discount Election Special on Delimiter Memberships.

Normally they cost $129 per year or $75 for six months, but we’re taking 15 percent off for a brief window this month, bringing the cost down to $109.65 per year or $63.75 for six months.

The only caveat is that stocks are limited — we’re only offering 50 Memberships at this discounted rate.

Delimiter’s site memberships have been quite popular so far, so we suspect this Election special will also see demand — best to get in quick if you’re interested. The last time we did a discount, in Christmas last year, we sold out very quickly.

To get the discount, click here to sign up as a Delimiter Member, insert AUSVOTES in the coupon field and then click ‘Apply Coupon’ before submitting the order.

Note: Membership is auto-renewing after 6 or 12 months (whichever you signed up for), and the discount only applies to the first year. You can cancel the auto-renewal at any time.

We’ll throw in a digital copy of Renai’s upcoming book: The Frustrated State: How terrible tech policy is deterring digital Australia — scheduled to be published in the next several months.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a massive list of all the members-only articles we’ve published so far. This is what you’ve been missing out on already ;)

Today’s article on Labor’s new NBN policy, entitled Labor’s new NBN plan is pitch perfect is a great example of the sort of content you’re missing. And just last Friday we published another great piece entitled What we learned from the Sydney AWS outage.

As a reminder of how Memberships work on Delimiter: We’ll always provide the basic news for free. But our signature commentary pieces are only available to members. If you don’t read them … you’ll be missing out on a stack of information about what’s really going on.

Click here now and use the coupon code “AUSVOTES” to get the 15 percent discount — or miss out on this great incoming content!

Image credit: Office of Senator Fifield


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