Ludlam a hot bachelor with “magnificent” hair



blog If you’ve been following the technology portfolio in politics for a while now, you’ll know that we’re pretty much spoilt for choice when it comes to the physical attractiveness of our representatives. Certain women of your writer’s acquaintance have been heard to refer to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull as “the Silver Fox”, for instance, while Senator Kate Lundy has always been a favourite amongst the gentlemen. But now there’s a new entrant onto the scene: Greens Communications Spokesperson Scott Ludlam. The good Senator’s dark good looks have received an extremely positive review from News Ltd site Perth Now (we recommend you click here for the full article). The site writes, in an extended feature:

“The running joke among the staff crew here was to enter me into Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor (competition) — and I just vetoed it,” [Ludlam] says. “I said, ‘No f***ing way’. I’m not interested in that kind of profile … And what of his “magnificent head of hair” — as it’s often cited on news site Crikey and Twitter? With a sigh about what the world’s coming to, he credits his Freo hairdresser, Lisa Scott, for his mighty quaff, which has its own fanbase. That’s probably just life when you’re saving the planet with a burning drive — and perfect hair.

Well, single ladies out there, you have a new target. The passionate but levelheaded Ludlam has a national profile, works on cutting edge issues such as data retention, Internet surveillance and the National Broadband Network, has a keen dress sense in sharply tailored suits, is a progressive thinker, and has a sensitive side in addition to a good sense of humour. Plus, there’s those good looks and “magnificent” hair. We’re officially declaring it open season in terms of Ludlam-hunting. Someone had better get this confirmed bachelor nailed down before he sets Parliament House on fire. We look forward to the inevitable crowd of adoring Ludlam groupies during Senate Question Time.

Image credit: Parliamentary Broadcasting


  1. I think you should interview Scott Ludlams hair Renai, I’d love to hear it’s view on the CBN!

    And April is coming after all :o)

  2. What a weird article. I completely understand something like PerthNow doing a story like that – they’re barely above a tabloid rag. But surely a site like Delimiter realises one of the major problems with our society is the disproportionate fixation the masses have with shallow materialism and physical attributes, as a form of negative empowerment to fill a void created by their own lack of education and substance. Surely engaging in such practices simply helps to perpetuate toxic behaviour?

    Or am I taking this entirely too seriously? :-/

  3. “his mighty quaff”

    One day News Ltd will employ journalists that can spell. It’s “coif”, ffs, short for “coiffure”. Quaff means “to drink”.

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