Devine accuses Ludlam of “viral hate speech”



blog Just when you think you’ve seen it all in Australia’s mediasphere — all the crazy and technically illiterate pronouncements from radio shock jocks, all the denouncements of Labor’s NBN policy from right-wing bloggers and so on — something new appears to prove that still more can be dredged from the depths. Greens Communications Spokesperson Scott Ludlam’s speech in the Senate last week challenging Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been lauded around the nation for hitting the mark of popular sentiment. However, according to Daily Telegraph commentator Miranda Devine, Ludlam got it all wrong. Devine writes (we recommend you click here for the full article, accompanied by a caricature of Ludlam’s face along the lines of the famous painting The Scream):

“Scott Ludlam’s “viral” hate speech against Tony Abbott signified the moment the Left finally lost its marbles: 10.08pm, Monday March 3, 2014 … Sorry Senator, it was never your country. We had an election last year and the Abbott government was elected with a whopping majority. The twitterati might have gone weak at the knees for Ludlum but he might as well have been howling at the moon.”

Just as we suspect former Communications Minister Stephen Conroy will never quite forget his image being plastered all over the front page of the Daily Telegraph alongside dictators such as Stalin, Mao, Castro and more, we suspect Ludlam will never quite forget his treatment at the hands of the Daily Telegraph this week.

For everyone who agrees with Devine about the value of Ludlam’s speech, we suggest you take another look at the issues and Ludlam’s parliamentary record in the Senate. He tends to stand up on issues such as data retention, Internet surveillance and the National Broadband Network that the Australian population cares deeply about but that few politicians will touch with a ten foot pole. For the rest of us, the message is also clear: Well done, Senator Ludlam. Looks like you’ve definitely hit a nerve.

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  1. You can count on Devine to be unfailingly on the wrong side of any particular issue.

  2. Devine’s readership would be far less than the 700,000 views of Ludlum’s speech on Utube. Surveys show that The Daily Terrorgraph is the least trusted news source in Aus. ABC is most trusted.

    • “Devine’s readership would be far less than the 700,000 views of Ludlum’s speech on Utube. ”

      Yep, she’s just jealous. Scott should be happy, if Miranda is ‘down’ on him he is obviously doing the right thing. Can’t wait to see what Planet says about him…

  3. ROTFL
    Winning a “Miranda Medal” is actually a feather in Scott Ludlam’s cap.
    I’m sure he’s happy to wear it as a badge of sanity.

  4. “For everyone who agrees with Devine about the value of Ludlam’s speech, we suggest you take another look at the issues and Ludlam’s parliamentary record in the Senate.”

    But… that would require them to come out of the insular little bubbles, where the Left are a bunch of tree hugging dole bludgers and the Right are God’s gift to planet Earth! They’d have to…. THINK about issues for a change instead of assuming that if it disadvantages them personally in any way, it is evil and must be vehemently opposed!

    • Disadvantages them personally? Come off it, they don’t even think about it that much – they just think whatever they’re told to by their favourite shlock jock…

  5. I challenge people to check if Miranda Devine has blocked them on Twitter. Her block list is extensive, and she has blocked many people who’ve never interacted with her in any way on Twitter. She sure seems to not like opinions that don’t suit her own views.

    My guess is she watches the #auspol hashtag and flicks people if she doesn’t like what they say.

  6. “the Left finally lost its marbles”

    I don’t count my self as a “leftie”, or when I voted Liberal a “rightie” (oddly enough I’m pretty sceptical of the whole tired old “left/right” world view, people, and indeed society, are more complex than that)….

    I just don’t like arseholes, which is why I’d be voting for people like Scott.

  7. The comments on Devine’s site are a neat microcosm of everything that’s wrong with the majority of lowest common denominator d..kheads populating this joint these days… pathetic brain dead morons…

  8. I’m getting fed up with people not thinking for themselves.

    Yeah, Devine, you continue with your baseless accusation of hate speech against a man who is highlighting some of the many perceived DELIBERATE faults of the Abbott Government, you’re totally justified in slinging mud for no reason at all except to keep getting your paycheck from Rupert.

    You’re totally justified defending the tyranny of the majority which has also committed an act of murder against an innocent man.

    These people make me physically sick.

  9. I would like to suggest that Miranda Devine is the personification of the group think mentality that exists within the Murdoch media outlets. But to do so would insult all the other right wing group thinkers.

    So with regret, I’ll just have to shrug and ask “Why would anyone treat anything printed, broadcasted, posted, or whatever, by a member of the Murdoch media as if it were seriously informed opinino?

    Simply put, you can’t.

  10. Devine is a nut case with an anti Koala Fetish, one of her Sunday columns many years ago she accused koalas of causing road deaths, the headline on old SMH sites of this piece, the headlines have been altered to a critique of a politician rather than blaming koalas for road deaths as was the original.

    In her latest rant against Ludlam the Koalas were there again ” After deadly runaway bushfires, the silence of the koalas is deafening and nothing will grow for years. ”

    Apparently bushfires are caused by “greenies” and leftist.

  11. I dont think the far right has ever had any “Marbles” to find, back in your box Devine!

  12. Ah! I always wondered why Miranda’s articles disappeared from the Fairfax Opinion pieces… glad to see her finally in her natural habitat! =P

  13. She writes for the Daily Telegraph, need I say more. Scott Ludlam’s speach was brilliant! The PM has difficulty stringing a few simple words together, then repeats them ad infinatum.

    • It isn’t The PM who strings a few words together and then repeats them it is Peta Credlin who strings them together and Abbott repeats them.

      • That’s what Peta said too, when she wasn’t given credit for something he said that made sense.

  14. Please don’t give me a link to that %$#^ing aweful site again. I even read some of the comments. I almost threw up my pie. What an oxygen bandit.

  15. I think that Ludlam continues to use social media extremely intelligently. Whether you agree or disagree with him, you must give him credit for the manner in which he created his now-viral campaign and just how switched on he is to the use of social media and communications technology. All the Greens did was take already available footage from the Senate sitting and put in on YouTube. No need for cometary or spruiking, the Web did that for him!

    On the other hand, colour me completely unsurprised that another Murdoch columnist simply and consistently just doesn’t get it. The more they spew forth irrelevant rants, the more people google Ludlam to see what he is all about. Honestly if you pick up the Tele these days it’s a competition to actually find an article which is unbiased, objective and just the facts. I disrespect the presumption that they have the right to make my mind up for me.

  16. I started reading the “article” but couldn’t get past the bit where she ad hominem’s Ludlam. If she was a proper “journalist” rather than a member of the #credlinsbitch cheer squad, she would have also pointed out that at that time Scott Ludlam’s video in the Senate had already been seen by more people than had read her “column” for want of a better thing to call it, in the previous 3 months, in total.

  17. Can anyone else see the irony of using hateful speech to accuse someone else of a ‘viral hate speech’?

  18. World according to News Ltd:

    Bolt accusing Aborigines of welfare fraud “hate speech”: OK. It’s not hate speech, it’s freedom.
    Bolt getting convicted of “hate speech”: Not OK. He’s a freedom warrior or something.
    Politely telling Abbott to keep away from WA “hate speech” : Not OK. Not freedom any more.
    Accusing someone of “hate speech”: OK. Actually, impinging on YOUR freedom sounds like fun.
    Calling Chris Kenny a d*g f*cker: not OK. Apparently truth is not a defence.

    All too confusing.

  19. Actually the truth defence wasn’t used because they felt the picture of the chihuahua in such “straits” was too confronting.

    Just what I heard Janet saying, and she would know.

  20. It seems to me that we are missing the point of anything Devine puts out. She is only a tame typist for Rupert Murdoch. Why do we constantly refer to “her” as a “journalist”. She isn’t even a reporter for goodness sake.

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