Ludlam can actually DJ like a mad ****



blog Those of you who’ve been hanging around the tracks for a while may remember a famous piece of newspaper graffiti which was published a while back regarding Prime Minister John Howard and his musical abilities. We won’t re-publish it here, but technology commentator Stilgherrian has immortalised it through this link on his web site. Well, it’s taken us a while, but we’ve now been able to find a Federal Politician who can actually DJ quite well. Or so it appears from these glamour pics of Greens Communications Spokesperson Scott Ludlam, who spent some time DJ’ing at a rave held to fundraise for his WA Senate campaign this month (kudos to Reddit user orru for originally highlighting this event).

You can find the full photos online on Ludlam’s Facebook page, but we’ve re-published a few below for your viewing pleasure if you can’t be bothered clicking through. As a side note, it appears from the photos that Ludlam’s days as a notable bachelor may be coming to an end, due, no doubt, to his “magnificent hair”. Well, we can’t say that we didn’t warn Australia’s female population. Ludlam’s confirmed bachelor status is now, doubtless, in a “it’s complicated” phase. Stay tuned for further updates from the hype train this week as we wait to find out whether Australia’s most tech-savvy politician will get re-elected on Saturday.

And we’re throwing down the gauntlet to other hip young Australian politicians interested in the technology portfolio. Ed Husic, think you have what it takes to get down and groovy with Generation Y? Tim Watts, are you keen to court the youthful vote? It seems you’ll have to have solid skills both at policy analysis and at hitting mad beats. Now that’s the kind of skillset we’d like to see more of in our elected representatives.

Image credit: Scott Ludlam’s Facebook page


  1. I am not sure that playing pre-recorded music is necessarily a particularly onerous life skill – but it is good to see he can do it.

    • As a politician, he should be a natural. They usually just repeat pre-determined messages over and over in an almost hypnotic fashion…

      All you need is to add the regular thump from bashing your head against a wall, and you have the doof doof sound as well!

  2. Me? Cool? While everyone is hanging out for Season 5 of GoT, I’ve still got my fingers crossed hoping for Season 2 of Firefly to be made #coolleftthebuildinglongago

    • I cant see a season two as we want it to ever happen, there’s just been too much water under the bridge since then, but the ‘verse created in just those 13 episodes could spawn so many other options. Reboot, spinoffs, prequels, take your pick either as full blown seasons, or mini series.

      You never found out so many backstories, and some of them could easily be recast so they could be told.

      And I think it will happen sooner or later, in much the same way that ST:TNG happened. Work with the established lore, but be new at the same time.

      Axing it after 1 season still goes down as one of TV’s worst decisions though.

      • The movie effectively compressed much of the story arch from the series. As much as more would be awesome, it’s dead. :/

        • True, but you never got the full story of Book for example, or Inara, or the full story surrounding Serenity Valley. There was a LOT hinted at, but never fully explained, and a lot of that could be fleshed out in some way. Individual tele-movies, miniseries, or full blown seasons.

          Some stories were finished off with the movie, but not all of them. How about a spinoff telling the story from the Alliance point of view?

          Dont mind me, just rambling on ways they could resurrect the ‘verse, without spoiling what we all clearly enjoyed back in 2002.

          • There were several comic books released that filled in the story between the series and the movie, as well as continuing it after. Obtaining these is left as an exercise for the reader.

        • Josh used the movie to wrap up the main story line for the series. That was where the series was heading to before the retard exes canned it, and Josh didn’t want fans to never know.

          But there is still tons of room for stories based within that universe, even if the Firefly one is now out there.

  3. untz untz untz untz waaaow wa-wa-wa-waaaow untz untz untz.

    I mis-read the comment over his bachelor status, as ‘confirmed bachelor’. I coughed a little coffee. :)

    Either way, the dude (and his magnificent quaff) abides. And apparently can untz untz with the best of ’em.

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