Ludlam to do Reddit AMA this Wednesday night



blog Just a very brief message to let y’all know that Greens Senator, Communications Spokesperson and William Gibson fan Scott Ludlam is planning to open up his world to all and sundry this Wednesday night — 15 May, from 7:30 to 9PM, for a Reddit AMA (‘Ask Me Anything’) session. You can find the details on his Facebook page or just keep an eye on Reddit on Wednesday night. We get semi-regular chats with Ludlam anyway, so Delimiter will keep its nose out of the questioning — we’ll leave that to you guys — but we’ll be keeping an eye on Ludlam’s answers for any interesting tidbits. Remember, Ludlam’s up for election in September, so this is a good chance to keep the good Senator honest ;)

Image credit: Scott Ludlam


  1. Best senator ever, and one of he very few that actually has a clue about the things they preside over. I’d live to be available to ask questions on Reddit, but sadly it’s not on at an appropriate time for me.

    Looking forward to the coverage Renai

  2. Please ask him questions besides NBN guys.

    Perhaps about solor power and maybe encouraging homeowner to install atleast a solar hotwater system

    • Actually, as Scott is on the Parliamentary Joint Committee for the NBN, I expect he’s the only one I’d actually trust that would actually be in a position to give, and/or find out, whats going on with addressing the roll outs slowdown.

      I’m right behind the FTTP, but NBNCo needs to show what it’s doing to address problems like it had with Syntheo (i.e. Is the NBNCo “going direct”, and hiring it’s own cablers,etc for the NT roll-out, likely to be a solution they’ll use in other areas/states?).

    • He is? Of course, you hear a lot of hate about the Greens, but generally these are from the same 80-90% of people who didn’t vote for them in the first place. What are they going to do – not vote for them again?

      I can’t see any reason why existing Greens voters would be dissatisfied with their actions in the current parliament – the carbon pricing legislation in particular is a big win.

  3. Never used reddit before so how will this work I don’t want to have to spend 2 hours looking around to find it .

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