NT gives every police officer an iPad



in brief The Northern Territory has reportedly confirmed plans to deploy Apple iPads to all of its frontline officers, in the latest local wide-scale deployment of tablet technology in a police force. Technology media outlet iTNews has the scoop. The site reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“The Northern Territory Police intends to supply every one of its frontline officers with an iPad by June this year, making it the first police force in Australia to deploy tablet devices on an organisation-wide basis.”

The news comes as virtually all of Australia’s other police forces are also deploying tablets. In October last year, for example, the South Australian Government announced that it would kick off a $1.7 million trial which was to see police in the state deployed with some 350 tablets over the succeeding year.

In July last year, the Queensland Police Service revealed it had also recently purchased 400 of Apple’s iPad mini units, which were set to be trialled “soon” in a separate exercise. In September last year, New South Wales’ police force revealed plans to undertake a four-week field trial of a mobile app for officers to issue traffic infringement notices, which will be deployed in the field on locked-down versions of Apple’s iPad mini tablets.

But the law enforcement tablet deployments are not universally Apple-focused, although most are — Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform is also getting something of a look-in. In May last year the Tasmanian Police force reportedly kicked off a trial of Windows 8 tablets.

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  1. Was saying to one of the bosses last week that tablets will be the norm in the not too distant future.

    Personally, as soon as my office offered free wifi to staff, I hooked my iPad air up and havent looked back. Makes a lot of what I do so much simpler.

  2. I wonder if they get stolen whether the police will be bothered to track them, or say nay it’s not a police matter. It seems some police are so lazy when previous in the past some have been given a full street address but they have been to lazy to act. What they don’t realize more often than not stolen goods, drugs and cash are are at these properties. Leading them to solve other cases.

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