Finally, a local Windows 8 tablet trial



blog Despite there being widespread interest in Australia in Microsoft’s Surface tablet when it first debuted and further evidence of interest in Windows 8 in general, we really haven’t seen any really concrete known trials of Windows 8 tablets in Australia so far. Up until this point, pretty much every enterprise has preferred to stick with what they know: Apple’s iPad. However, news arrived last week courtesy of iTNews that the Tasmanian Police force is about to kick off a trial of Windows 8 tablets. The outlet reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“Tasmanian Police are to trial 3G-connected Windows 8 tablets over a three-week period to see if the devices assist frontline officers in their field duties.”

As you may recall, a month and a half ago we reviewed Dell’s Latitude 10 tablet (pictured above) in the Delimiter labs. We were really prepared to dislike the unit, but ended up concluding: “… with the Latitude 10, Dell has gotten pretty much everything right in an enterprise tablet. It has attributes which the iPad doesn’t have, such as a full-featured desktop operating system that can run traditional apps, alongside a USB port and enterprise-ready features such as smartcard and fingerprint readers, but it weighs and measures about the same. It’s pretty much everything a Windows-focused organisation would want to deploy to its staff.” It’ll be interesting to see how the trial of this kind of unit goes in Tasmania.

Image credit: Dell


  1. Interested to see the outcome of this Renai!

    I hope they release a press-release or something about it so we can see how their 3 week trial went.

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