Team Conroy clocks off … Dalek and all



blog Those of you who have been following the exploits of outgoing Communications Minister Stephen Conroy for some time would recall that the Senator has been called some rather unusual things during his parliamentary tenure. Perhaps the most outlandish insult was delivered in 2006 by then-fellow Victorian Labor Senator Robert Ray, who described Conroy and other Labor figures such as Kim Carr as “factional daleks”, for their strict loyalty to certain Labor factions.

Following the insult, Conroy was reportedly given a blow-up Dalek as a present; apparently the malevolently evil (but oh-so-cute) cyborg has remained in the politician’s office since at least 2008. This afternoon Conroy and his staff posed for a last photo opportunity following the Senator’s resignation yesterday … with the Dalek in tow. Nice one. At least we now know where Conroy has drawn his ‘take no prisoners’ approach from. “EXTERMINATE!” might just be the right attitude to take into Australian politics these days. Let’s hope Conroy’s team took a bit of time off for a few drinks after the last sitting day of Parliament today. They’ve earned it.

Image credit: Office of Stephen Conroy


  1. Good Luck SC, have a break and smell the roses. Spend some time with the kids, greet your wife lovingly every night (in your own home as much as possible) and know that you will be long remembered as being the man that had the balls to push through the FTTH NBN. It’ll be used by my Grandkids, and as one they will acknowledge the foresight of a true nation builder.

    Thanks mate.

    FP (…as mentioned in Hansard :P )

    • strangest inflatable sex toy ever….

      “I Have Come to clean the pooooool

      You will comply …”

  2. I wonder if Kev told him to wear red undies on his head on the way out?

    But good riddance, he was the Cartman of the senate……thankfully we no longer have to respect his authoriTIE! Take your dodgey filter & unvetted snooping laws and don’t let the door hit your bum on the way out.

  3. But what will happen to his big, red knob?

    You know, the one kids can press to prevent all the bad things from getting to them through the intertubes after they deal with the stuff coming through the portal to the Russian mafia under their pages…

    Dentists, animal trainers and many others will sleep a little better now Stevo and his filters of many colours is heading for the ski slopes with his snowboard and dalek… three guesses who will be slotting into Kerry Stokes boardroom in the near future?

    No, wait, its in Collingwood I think, not in the sky, and the NSA (Australian branch aka all our security agencies) will still have the dentists and animal trainers very, very nervous.

    Don’t let Rudd the Religious within 100 metres of any ACL operative and get Scott Ludlam to defect and slot into Conroys role, asap, to fix up the mess he and that mob in the pic have created…

    • Oh and I forgot to tell Stevo that I, my associates and as he inferred in his infamous comment, Kate Lundy, will still not be opting into child pornography. Just thought he would like to know that…

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