Chromebooks finally land in Australia



blog Those of you who are interested in Google’s Chromebook web-based laptops may recall that as long ago as May 2011 the company and its partners Samsung and Acer were promising to bring a series of Chromebooks to Australia before Christmas that year. Well, to our knowledge, the trio never quite made it across the line to sell Chromebooks in Australia in either 2011 or 2012 (please correct me if I’m wrong). However, Google announced on its Australian blog this morning that 2013 is the year. Finally, Chromebooks are in Australia. The only problem is … will anyone actually want to buy them? We’re not really sure. In any case, the details:

“We’ve worked with our partners to make Chromebooks that are safe, easy to use, easy to share and affordable for everyone. The Samsung Chromebook ($349) and the Acer Chromebook ($299) are now available from select JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman stores and the HP Chromebook is on its way.”

To be honest, Google’s news wasn’t immediately greeted by the greatest of enthusiasm by prospective customers. Respondents on the search giant’s blog pointed out that Google and its manufacturers have applied a markup of about $100 on its Chromebook Australian prices — exactly the same behaviour which has landed vendors like Adobe, Apple and Microsoft in so much hot water with the Federal Government recently. Plus, some of the claimed retailers — notably JB Hi-Fi — are showing up as out of stock at the moment. Not great.

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  1. Considering all my home stuff is Google I’ll pick up one of these within the next few months, but what I really want is a Chromebox.

  2. I tried one in the US, its ok, if you do everything out of Google Chrome. The entire machine is based on using Chrome and there is very little off-line capability. There is a new machine as well that is almost identical to a Mac Retina Macbook Pro in build and it only does the Chromebook functionality. Drumrolll.. and the price is $1300!! Not many lining up for that one.. Have read as well that the Chromebooks haven’t done very well at all..
    My experience was with the Samsung version, nice but limited..

  3. Sadly i think there are still allot of people out there who have not even got past the iGoogle home page and discovered that there is a whole new world inside the Chrome browser!

      • Seriously though does anyone really use these all in one web portals anymore? They were a good idea back in their day but are a little dated now, not too much of an issue seeing it die.

        • Maybe they are just too ahead of their time? Google is a very forward thinking company!
          If good sense prevails and the NBN comes to fruition the future may be here much sooner than you think. This is the future whether you like it or not.
          The dvd drive is already obsolete and the hard drive will be next, You can’t even buy a dvd drive on a new mac any more.
          Unless you are after some new and cheap hardware you could always just install the Chrome browser and have your flux capacitor all be it in an old Delorean.

    • I have to agree, Netbooks have died for good reason, they where a massive compromise in every possible area and Tablets have rendered them extinct – now why in hell would I want one that is even less usefull than an unlocked netbook running windows?


      • I think there’s still a place for netbooks – still happy with my 4 1/2-y-o Eee PC as a travel computer.

        As for the Chromebook, whatever else might be said, it is an advance in the cloud integration space. I expect it to be successful where the telcos come to the party.

        • I have a netbook myself and it sit’s in the garage monitoring my energy consumption and solar generation – that’s about all they are good for imo.

          Ultrabooks or tablets are the future.

  4. Annoyed the Aus cost is $100 more. I may try to get it through HopShopGo and see if shipping through them is any better on cost.

    • B&H ( have the Samsung for $249.99, and postage to Australia starts at $56.86. Their site lists the Acer as discontinued.

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