Stephen Conroy wishes you Merry Christmas


blog Yes, the above is a Christmas card sent by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy to Delimiter. It was addressed to “Ms Renai LeMay” (oops), but we choose to believe that it expressed sentiments by the Minister not to me personally, but to the Delimiter community as a whole, as the site’s strength is not in the voice of one person, but in the many. Merry Christmas, Minister, and let us hope 2013 brings many happy fibre connections.

We’re assured a card is also on the way from Liberal MP Paul Fletcher, but we’ve heard nothing as yet from Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Perhaps we prodded the Earl of Wentworth’s pride one times too many this year? ;) Oh well. We’ll have an eggnog in his honour on the big day anyway :)


  1. Don’t worry Renai, we’ll get you married off to some strapping young man one of these days


  2. Funny that you think you may have offended MT… there is discussion on Whirlpool suggesting that you support him more often than is reasonable!

    • I think a lot of people just want me to whale on Turnbull all of the time. But I use my brain — and when he makes a reasonable case with evidence, I’ll back it. I don’t switch my brain off — I evaluate each situation separately etc.

      Over the years I’ve been accused of being biased towards every side — the Coalition, Labor, even the Greens. The truth is that I write what I think and I don’t take shit from anyone.

  3. “It was addressed to “Ms Renai LeMay””

    Was there something you did on that last trip to Thailand that your not telling us Renai?!! ;o)

  4. Renai sounds like Renata. Which is a females name

    I guess where the public servant guessed the same

    • Nah, it will be easy to pick… it ‘ll be the one with the dodgy/suspect looking copper wires hanging out of it. :)

    • Malcolm is currently undertaking a Cost Benefits Analysis to determine the true value of sending Christmas cards.

      He is expected to go for a “cheaper, faster” option.

      • I think you’ll find Michael that the Cards to the People (CttP) CBA was initiated last Xmas and it only took 12 months to conclude.

        I believe the Productivity Commission found the benefits greatly outweighed the cost and advised MT to go ahead. In fact they found that if the $37B worth of cards over ten years were bought from debt rather than taxpayer dollars, then the cards recycled, the program would in fact pay for itself over time.

        Of course MT concluded WTF would a commie government department like the PC know about business and especially some plan drawn up on the back of a flying white elephant.

        Subsequently MT has decided in the name good old fashion market driven democracy, to instead gift $15B of taxpayer subsidies to a company known as News Corp to print and deliver, as you rightly suggested the “cheaper/faster”… CttN – Cards to the Newsagent.

        He has my vote!

      • MT’s CBA on Christmas cards has come in- E-cards are considered “faster and cheaper”. However, mass sending of large resolution E-cards (for ensuring quality and allowing animations) will overload the Minister’s broadband.

        The Minister’s department is conversing with the government to determine the “fastest and cheapest” way to deliver ubiquitous, cheap, high-speed broadband to all Australians to ensure they can receive the Minister’s E-Cards.

        Somebody has leaked data from said talks. It appears a technology called Fibre-to-the-Home is considered the prime candidate…

  5. Yeah, yeah. And a big kiss for you too! (And for Mrs LeMay or Mr, or …. oh I give up!)
    Have a nice holiday. :)

  6. Good timing as I just received an accompanying Christmas gift from Conroy. A letter from NBNCo advising that work is commencing in my area :)

    • Don’t get too excited. I read somewhere that it just means there could be a few traffic cones sitting next to a Telstra pit for a few years ;)

      • Really? Wow, ’cause we’ve had that just down the street for about 5 or 6 years now… (seriously, it’s got a Telstra barricade around what looks like a pit that has imploded, leaving a gaping hole in the ground, and it’s been there at *least* 5 years…)

        • Mines only been around for 6 months. (my telstra barricade around the implosion that is)

      • Except for the fact that my mate was connected to the NBN in South Hobart, within two months of notification.

    • To which the only reasonable response for most of us is: “You lucky bastard!”


      I’m scheduled for start of construction in Sep 2014, so I might be one of those who almost got it, only to have it snatched away by the LNP if they win the next election, condemning me to another 10-20 years of broadband purgatory… :-(
      (Which is possibly marginally better than the folks who aren’t on the 3-year rollout plan at all yet).

      • I do feel very lucky actually. And I’d hate to be in the limbo category you find yourself in. I seriously hope for you and all Australians that Labor is re-elected, and the NBN rolls out as swiftly as possible.

      • Well, I’m NOT one of those saying “You lucky bastard”, because I got The Letter in September :) So I’m one of the “lucky bastards” as well :)

        Having said that, like Simon I hope you dont end up with 20 years of limbo. The lip service being delivered says they’ll honor contracts, implying that those contracted on the 3 year rollout SHOULD get FttP. The reverse is that they’ll pause the rollout “where appropriate”, which implies those 3 year contracts that havent started are still at risk.

        Definitely a limbo situation – which do you believe? The cynic in me fears you’re destined for FttN if it hasnt started before the election and the Lib’s win.

        That doesnt take into account the scenario where Abbott stops the whole thing…

  7. If you look very closely at the bottom of the tree you can see what happened to Conroy’s big, red knob… you know, the panic button to switch kids off from all the bad web things, always wondered where it went…

    • The same panic button disappearance case will hopefully will be the Atomic Banana.

      Happy xmas everyone (not to the politicians they haven’t worked hard enough these couple of years).

  8. Kewl, we’re all transsexual, metrosexual, whatever sex, we love sex, here at Delimiter. How’s that for being progressive! We’re all Ms, Mr and whatever. Kewl!
    Now from that gender bender, what on earth was on the Senator’s mind when he wrote that? LOL
    Quick! Throw up the Filter Shields to protect us from spam and scams through the portal! ROFL
    Happy Silly Season to you Mr Conroy. Survive intact, to return and make us laugh more, please, in the New Year.

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