Merry Christmas from Delimiter


Looking at Delimiter’s statistics, we see that there are still people reading articles and commenting on the site on Christmas Day today. We’re not sure whether this indicates that some of the Delimiter community is just bored on this annual day of celebration and looking for diversion, or whether you’re you’re as obsessed with debating issues in Australia’s technology community as we are — but either way is fine ;)

This is just a quick post to let you know that over the next week until things kick off properly in 2011, the site will see a reduced posting frequency; there just isn’t much news between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and much of the industry is on holidays. However, we’ll still have a couple of yarns here and there, and if there is urgent news, you can bet we’ll still cover it.

In addition, we wanted to wish all of Delimiter’s readers, partners, customers and Australia’s technology sector in general a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and to thank you for all your support in our first year of operation. It’s been a blast — and if early indications are any guide, 2011 will be even bigger and better.


PS: The picture above is of Delimiter’s new mascot, which was given to us as a present at our Christmas Party last month. We haven’t found a name for him yet, but when you squeeze him, he proclaims loudly: “I’m bacon!”. How cute!

Image credit: Delimiter


  1. Killing time in NZ waiting to see Gulliver in 3D. Hope Jack Black is funny.

    Plus phone is going flat. Never enough power points when out and about.

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