4G Galaxy Note II hits Australia next week


blog Want a larger version of Samsung’s Galaxy S III handset? With a stylus and decent handwriting recognition? And 4G speeds to boot? You’re in luck. Korean electronics giant Samsung announced last night at a Sydney event packed with … well, hype and B-grade celebrities … that its Note II smartphone will be coming down under next week, with all of Australia’s major mobile carriers stocking it and support for the 4G networks of Telstra and Optus (as well as Vodafone, when it launches one). We weren’t there last night and Samsung hasn’t said much this morning, but luckily PCWorld Australia has the skinny (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“Samsung will launch its hotly anticipated Galaxy Note II Android phone in Australia “next week” through Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, but no contract pricing or plan details have been revealed yet.”

You can check out Delimiter’s preview of the Note II here; hopefully we’ll get access to a review unit for a full review shortly. Our preview stated:

“We really, really liked the Galaxy S III, rating it one of the best handsets, if not the best, available in Australia at the moment. With the Galaxy Note II, Samsung looks to have up-sized this stellar model into the ‘phablet’ zone, adding a stylus and what is rumoured to be strong handwriting recognition to boot. If the battery is strong and the handwriting recognition is as good as people are saying it is – and if the Galaxy Note II supports 4G speeds in Australia – then we reckon Samsung is onto a winner here with certain segments of the population. Not everyone will like this form factor – and it’s not the best for actually making calls. But for those who like this kind of smartphone model, we think this is likely to be one of the best examples of the breed.”

Postscript: Yes, that is Todd Sampson in the photo above from last night.

Image credit: Samsung


  1. Here’s Optus’ media release:

    Pre-order opens for the Samsung GALAXY Note II on the Optus 4G Network

    Optus announced pre-orders for the Samsung GALAXY Note II will be available from today.
    Optus customers can get the Note II on the Optus 4G network, giving them a superfast platform to enjoy the latest Samsung device on. It is available on a number of great value Optus 4G plans, including:
    • $7 monthly handset repayment on the $60 Optus Plan (minimum total cost is $1608 over 24 months)

    • $3 monthly handset repayment on the $80 Optus Plan (minimum total cost is $1992 over 24 months)

    Optus consumer customers on the $60 Optus Plan receive $650 of included value, 1.5GB mobile data and unlimited Optus to Optus mobile voice calls and standard national text to use within Australia. To help them take control of their spend, Optus customers will also receive text alerts when they reach 50 per cent, 85 per cent and 100 per cent of their voice, text and data allowances.

    The new Samsung GALAXY Note II enables personalised experiences and expressive content creation, making it an exceptional smartphone for on-the-go creativity. This is easily achieved using the new S Pen, which provides a precise and natural writing experience.

    Optus customers eager to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note II can call telesales or pre-order online today at https://www.optus.com.au/shop/mobilephones/samsung/galaxynote2

  2. Rang Telstra on Friday 16th to be told they are not taking pre orders but will be releasing Wednesday 21st and will have plenty of stock, hope this helps

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