Hudson reveals major virtual desktop rollout


blog If there is one enterprise IT trend which is taking off in Australia in a strong way right now, it’s the move towards virtualisation on the desktop. Finally, enterprises are doing away with the ageing dedicated desktop PC rollout paradigm and replacing it with something which has the potential to be much more flexible and manageable. News of the latest major virtual desktop rollout comes from iTNews (click here for the full article). The publication quotes Mark Leigh, Asia-Pac CIO of recruitment firm Hudson:

“Hudson saw desktop virtualisation as a way to escape the hardware refresh cycle while also achieving other strategic visions for IT. Leigh said the project started two years ago as Hudson evaluated “what we were going to do with our ageing desktop environment”.

Hudson isn’t the first Australian organisation over the past few years to go virtual on the desktop, and it won’t be the last. Some of the others are NBN Co, the Federal Department of Health and Ageing, Suncorp, HBF and RSA.

Desktop virtualisation’s most obvious benefit is the ability to stop organisations having to constantly deploy new desktop PCs to users every two to three (or four to five, if you’re unlucky) years. But in the long term it’s so much more powerful than that. The ability to more easily upgrade software and deploy new standard operating environment images, the ability to deploy your software desktop onto different hardware when needed, and the ability for technical support to troubleshoot your environment more easily … it’s all in there. And I personally can’t wait to see how it makes Australian organisations more flexible over the next few years, as the technology matures further. It just makes sense in so many ways.

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Image credit: Ante Vekic, royalty free