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    Anonymous tips

    Got some inside information on something that should be made public? We’d love to hear about it, and to see any related documents you can supply. However, before you leak Delimiter information, there are a few important things you should consider.

    Most importantly, it is important to realise that the Government recently passed Data Retention legislation that will make it very hard to keep your identity secret if you send us information online. Copying sensitive documents from your work computer may also compromise your identity. Many corporations and government organisations use electronic document management systems to keep strict logs pertaining to when sensitive information is accessed.

    Because of this, if sending us information may jeopardise your position, we highly recommend that you do not send electronic information over the Internet to Delimiter. Instead, we recommend you take the following steps to send us sensitive inside information:

    • Open the documents you want to leak to us on a computer screen
    • Take photos of the screen with your smartphone or camera
    • Print the photos off at home or at an anonymous Internet cafe, ideally removing any information that may identify you
    • Send physical printouts of the documents to us, preferably using an isolated streetside post box away from CCTV cameras
    • Delete all the photos from your smartphone or camera. Ideally, throw away the SD card if they were stored on one, or re-initialise your smartphone so it gets rid of almost all content from its hard disk
    • If you want us to remain in contact with you, include your username on a service like Telegram or Wickr so we can get in touch. Here’s a ranked list of secure clients.

    Delimiter’s postal address is: PO Box 971, Dickson, ACT, 2602.

    All this may sound a bit paranoid, but unfortunately the reality is that it is very difficult for journalists to protect whistleblowers in 2015. Telstra, for example, has admitted it has provided web browsing history to law enforcement agencies without a warrant on occasion.

    If you do feel the need to leak information to Delimiter online, feel free to use the form below. However, be aware that the Data Retention legislation means this kind of online form may not be secure enough to protect you if you do.

    If you do choose to use the form, we recommend you also use a VPN to protect your IP address online (here’s some relatively secure ones), as well as scrubbing your browser’s stored data (cookies, browsing history etc) clean both before and afterwards. Why not considering submitting from an Internet cafe or public library? It’ll be that much harder for anyone to track you down.

    Finally, please be aware that this form is not to be used for public relations inquiries. This is for anonymous tips only.

    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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