Caption this picture: Best friends


Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull published this photo on Twitter this morning of himself and the good Senator Conroy, Communications Minister having a polite cup of tea. The pair are supporting Teal Ribbon Day for the cause of Ovarian cancer. Interesting to note Turnbull’s iPad is face down — perhaps he doesn’t want Conroy to see what’s on the screen?

In any case, what are the two saying to each other in this photo? Post your caption in the comments below.


  1. Turnbull: “Does this cuppa have fibre in it Steve?”
    Conroy: “Yes. It means your cuppa – (and this photo op) – will be superfast, Malcolm”

  2. Conroy: “What variety of tea are we drinking, Malcolm?”
    Turnbull: “A classic and distinctive Indian brew — pure White Elephant.”

  3. Both men were smiling… but they knew all too well that only one of them could be the Foursquare Mayor of this photo opportunity.

  4. Malcolm (with hand under the table) Do you really love me or is that your pocket knife?

  5. I would like to see Conroy and Turbull on ABC’s Qanda, and maybe you could join the panel too, Renai?

  6. You know Stephen when I am pm I will need someone for communications I will put my Abbot and require him to steel everyone how good our nbn fibre is

  7. Malcolm “My Apple is bigger than yours”
    Conroy “It’s how fast its connection is that counts”

  8. From Turnbull’s blog:

    “Stephen Conroy and I formed an unlikely unity ticket around a cup of tea and some teal M&Ms to help promote Teal Ribbon Day and raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer. (Actually that was not all we agreed on – reflecting on our wonderful wives we concluded we had both married well above our station.)”

  9. MT “So, when are you getting NBN at your place?”
    SC “Dunno, you?”
    MT “Dunno”

  10. Twins seperated at birth! The one time the Dynamic Duo can enjoy tea without checking if it has been spiked by their own party “colleagues”.

  11. MT: Let me get this straight… If I had the NBN I could have telecommuted this cup of tea with you? You’ve sold me.

  12. Turnbull: Check it out Stephen, I can fit my entire broadband policy into a single page PDF on my iPad!
    Conroy: Shutup Malcolm and try one of my healthy blue Portal Pills™. You need some extra fibre in your diet.

  13. Turnbull: It’s not my fault, Abbott gave me this job.
    Conroy: Keep it up, you’re doing great!

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