Caption contest: Gillard and her Apple iPad


This picture just arrived courtesy of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s Twitter account:

Our question is — what is Gillard saying here? The funniest comment will win a bottle of red or white wine, courtesy of the fantastic Australian winery De Bortoli Wines. Yes, we know we haven’t yet revealed the winner of our previous caption contest, but we will get around to that shortly!

Image credit: Julia Gillard, presumably


  1. This is with my cynicism turned to 11 and the funnies on low, sorry, and I’m aware that it’s not even exactly a valid answer to your question. But that’s where the cynicism comes in:

    “Prime Minister Gillard proudly shows off the first of the electronic bibles that will be distributed to all Australian school children as part of the newly announced $222 million funding for the Schools Chaplaincy program.”

  2. “Twitter was boring until I started writing as @FakeFielding . Now they’re lapping it up!”

  3. ######## ##### ###### ####### ####### #####

    (damn that Connroy, everything is censored now)

  4. Julia Gillard shows off the power of the NBN by sending a bandwidth hungry tweet. Meanwhile Tony Smith is set to illustrate the coalition’s new broadband policy on an Amiga 500.

  5. “No Anonymous, I will not show you my tits and I will only put a shoe on my head if Tony Abbott does it first.”

  6. Now I can stick knives in Kevin’s back from the back of my car, using next-generation technology that is moving Australia forward.

  7. “Oh, so section 3.3.1 is like Apple’s WorkChoices? Or our Internet filter. So how did Steve Jobs spin that again?”

  8. “Hi Tim. Yeah I missed your message because I was busy tweeting from my fake Andrew Bolt account. Might go troll Wendy Francis for the lulz before I have to go back to being the ‘Real Julia’ *choke*”

  9. “Hello voters, look at Tony, now look at me, now look at Tony, now back to me. Sadly Tony isn’t me but if he stopped using ladies scented body wash and switched to Old Spice he could smell like me. iPad. Sitting in a car.”

  10. A PM’s work is never done….!

    I know Obama has a Blackberry, but in Australia everything is BIGGER…!

    Yeah… I would like to see Tony handle this. He probably gets his emails printed out….!

    Shame the NBN won’t give me gigabit secure access in my car….sigh…keep smiling….!

  11. OMG! Some Nigerian Prince has chosen me to help him get his family’s money out of the country … wait till Swanie hears.

  12. Improve Public Speaking – Check, now to seek a dentist to fix my goofy grin – Hand me the iPad.

  13. Ah yes, let me hold up this i-thingymejig. It will make me look smarter, if not hip with the youngsters!. Yes, that will get their vote! #evilplanstosecurepower

  14. Thanks to my new Apple ipad, I can now keep up the close, obviousleeee, genuine working relationship between foreign minister Kevin Rudd and moi, by sending him short timely messages via twitter, whether he be sent to New York, Paris, Beijing, Timbuktu, Outer Mongolia, The North pole, Sahara Desert or Siberia.

  15. News Flash …. Shareholders vote Julia Gillard to be the Voice of Harvey Normans new Ipad Sales drive as her voice is marginally less annoying than Gerry Harvey’s.

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