A complete picture of NAB’s IT transformation



blog You may have noticed that National Australia Bank enterprise transformation EGM Adam Bennett gave a speech at a CEDA lunch in Sydney this week. The executive’s comments have caused a flurry of articles in the media. A brief overview, for your Friday afternoon reading pleasure:

Taken along with some of the recent briefings NAB has been conducting with respect to its core banking strategy (see our piece here from November last year on the unusual relationship between the bank and its key supplier Oracle) and its datacentre strategy (look out for an extended piece on that on Delimiter next week), Bennett’s speech this week constitutes a complete picture of what NAB’s up to in its IT operations — from customer-facing technology to its core banking systems strategy to its IT infrastructure and staff-facing systems. Personally I’m pretty impressed with NAB at the moment. It really is going through an enterprise-wide IT transformation of a magnitude which we don’t often get to see in Australia. Let’s hope it can keep the whole thing on the rails ;)