Caption contest: What is David Thodey doing?


We couldn’t help but wonder what precisely David Thodey is doing here at Telstra’s half-yearly financial results conference this morning. It looks like he’s either planning to throttle someone, or is holding some kind of invisible ball. Or is it a new Xbox 360 Kinect move? Let us know in the comments.

Image credit: Telstra


  1. David was disappointed – his ‘bartender’ skit had gone down so much better at the AGM…

  2. “I have a jar of vegemite in my office which I simply cannot get the lid off…”

  3. “you see, my testicles have this strange swelling whenever you mention senator Conroy… oohh.. there they go again…”

  4. You see, I eventually figured out that Sol’s brain was no larger than a small butternut pumpkin…

  5. “…and before David Thodey knew what was happening, the right hand figured out who to blame”

    (needs a polish, but you get the idea.)

  6. No NBN is big, really big, just imagine its a hose this big
    …with $14b cash coming our way someday, maybe…

  7. What’s the real problem with our customers service – in one sentence in english?

    OK, Well – This right hand doesn’t know where this left hand is or what its doing or why mostly!!

  8. “In my hands I’m holding the Coalition’s alternative broadband network”

  9. *To the shareholders*

    “You see, we have NBN in the left hand, and Telstra in the right hand, and the plan is to mulch it together into one massive monopolistic ball”

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