Gillard’s nauseating endorsement: Take 2


blog We couldn’t help but almost throw up in our mouth tonight as we watched the love-in in this video occur between Google, MYOB, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Communications Stephen Conroy in what appeared to be a self-congratulatory orgy of self-interest and naked marketing guff. Does this remind anyone else of Gillard’s nauseating praise for IBM at the company’s event last October at the University of Melbourne?

Surely our politicians have more self-respect than this. They do not exist solely to dole out lavish dollops of bliss and joy on corporate initiatives which are, after all, intensely in the self-interest of the companies promoting them.

And one last thing. As we’re sure a certain Mr Turnbull would remind us, there simply is no reason to build a multi-billion dollar fibre-to-the-home National Broadband Network if all you want to do is sell bottles of wine online. That can be done — and has been being done for several decades now — off the back of a 56k modem. Hell, make it 33.6k.


  1. There’s no doubt whatsoever that despite the benefits of having the NBN, the government really don’t know how to sell it. Probably why they’ve hired a marketing firm to clean that side of things up – though it seems not to have delivered much thus far.

    The government have at least got something to try and sell, however badly.

    Their egos – on the other hand – are something that they have great experience and expertise in trying to sell.

    Come to think of it, I think they are doing a better job of selling the NBN!

    • They are failing to sell it because they can’t, at least not to the average punter

      Not everyone is a movie collecting geek, and not every small business requires 10 consecutive high definition streams running at once to function

      • Ahh, you have stocks in AFACT? Now I get it…

        …more seriously, if you think it’s all about movie downloading, you just further cement the reputation you’ve developed for yourself…

  2. They are also failing to see it because every time they ask, a FUDster pops up with absolute lies and BS.

    As I said previously. There were reportedly, up to 500 000 people in the UK demonstrating against government spending cuts. So something to whinge about.

    Yet here in Oz some are whinging (with an accompanying incessant campaign of FUD) because our government is spending and giving back to the people…sigh.

    WTF do you want? Ooh of course a Coalition government…!

  3. I’m sure I said something similar in a blog post that was re-published on here back in August.

    Do we really need a $15b fibre network so that YouTube is quicker?

  4. I don’t think that it’s merely about making things like YouTube quicker. I’m not affiliated with any political entity…but instead a mere advocate of future proofing and technology.

    Building the NBN is like setting up new motorways around the continent that allow for more (and better) content and online infrastructure. It’s all about making our “roads better, wider. So that when the surge of traffic comes, we are ready for it. That is where the developed world is moving to, and we should be thankful that the powers believe in making this happen. The Internet is such a powerful enabler that can truly improve the way we live and work. Fine, it costs an arm and a leg. I’m sure the governments of the past spent loads of cash in building railway and road networks.

    The lack of proper infrastructure in Sydney is a big call out for me….it really is a result of poor future proofing. While Labor didn’t do well in Sydney, it’s at least making ways to future proof our country by making sure that we can connect to the rest of the world quicker and better than before.

    I guess they should sell the NBN as such.

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