Take our survey to have a chance win an iPad 2


Good news, everyone!

Delimiter will shortly be giving away an Apple iPad 2 to a lucky reader. All you have to do to enter is to take our audience survey and guess a number between 1 and 10,000.

Take the survey now!

Basically, we’re doing this to get a better idea of who our audience is. Any and all information from the survey will be completely de-identified and aggregated before we use it anywhere — for example: “20 percent of Delimiter readers are planning to buy a smartphone in 2011”. We won’t disclose any of your personal information to other organisations.

There’s about 40 questions — mainly covering what and how you use Delimiter, what sort of professional role you have and so on. It’s all fairly standard stuff! Let us know if you have any questions about the survey, by posting them in the comments below this article, or contacting us.

Some terms and conditions:

  • Entry is only open to Australian residents
  • The survey will commence Monday 28 March, 2011 and is expected to last several weeks.
  • The winner of the Apple iPad (16GB Wi-Fi model, in either black or white) will be notified after that point, by email. We will also announce the completion of the survey via an article on Delimiter
  • You must fill out all of the survey forms and choose a number between 1 and 10,000 to enter. The winner will be the person whose number is closest to a pre-determined number we have chosen
  • If the winner doesn’t respond to our email notification within two weeks, the prize will be re-allocated to the holder of the next-closest number
  • If more than one person is closest to the chosen number, the winners will be asked to guess again, with a new pre-determined number to be chosen by Delimiter
  • This is a game of skill as defined under applicable law
  • For further information about how we handle your information, check out our privacy policy

Image credit: Apple


  1. I got to question 24 and then ‘next’ took me back to question 1. Doesn’t seem to be a way to finish the survey

    • Yeah, seems to happen randomly for me. I get to a question and then it takes me back to Q1. But I “Next” through all of the questions I’ve already answered (luckily it remembers my answers) and I can get through the troublesome question the second time. But then another question later on will send me back to Q1 again.

      I haven’t been able to get through the whole survey yet…

      • Yeah I’d hit an answer/question that when pressing next would dump me back at the start but clicking through next to the question I was up to and selecting the answer again would allow me to proceed

  2. Either something has been fixed or it’s a random problem – just went through the survey with no issue

  3. Am I the only one that read the opening line with Professor Farnsworth’s from Futurama voice ? :)

  4. Nice survey! Haven’t done one that thoughtfully designed in a while.

    Your question on company’s income could do with a N/A for government (or an ‘I don’t know’, or an ‘it’s complicated’).

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